Ark Tolei MM6 Ark mode

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Ark Tolei MM6 Ark mode

Postby the beavers1 » Jan 31 2020, 5:34

Anyone watch this LP? Its pretty bonkers watching him play with the conditions he set forth considering how the game is supposed to be played. Im watching him attempt ironfist castle area and its just insane seeing how hard it is to do with no bows, no offensive magic, no temples, no potions, and all characters were diseased at the temple in new sorpigal. if anyone is curious about the series the first ep starts here ... vS&index=1

here are the rules for 'ARK MODE'
"Might and Magic VI Ark-mode: No ranged weapons. No resting. No consumables except horseshoes. No temples. No unnecessary traveling. No hirelings except quest NPC's. Every area cleared on first entry (except Gharik's Forge in New Sorpigal). No Grayface patch so dual wield is broken."
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