Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

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Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

Postby Strobe » Nov 25 2019, 21:23

Hey people!

Sorry for making an entire new topic, but.
I've just discovered a brand new game, and imo all of Might and magic fans must have to know about it.
I lost my hope since Might and Magic X: Legacy came out, gaving up all my hopes to experience the nostalgic, turn base, explorational party oriented rpg vibe i had in older M&M games. I was looking up to these forums to check on MM 6-7-8 merge (which is undescribably fantastic), and looking around for anything about modding M&M 9 (i was curious about retexturing mm9). Nothing i found here, so was checking out browsers. Then i found something else. Tim Lang (developer of MM9 and other?) is working on a turn based rpg, and already a demo is released.
And i can say... this game is more than promising. I actually felt like im playing again an M&M game. When i found out Tim Lang working on this, i was so glad and confident, that this game will be surely M&M inspired. And boy, it is... i love it.

This game is: Aeolwyn's Legacy by brrappgames

I already went to forums, looking for more information. I was shocked how empty it is, probably no one knows about it yet.
Firstly, this game is in very early stage (alpha?), so there's obviously bugs.
I've made a feedback about bugs i experienced, and also offered i try to help, and sent to Tim. Also i was begging for a modding kit in the future, the game would be perfect for bringing older episodes back by recreating.
Actually, he already answered to me, very kindly and accepted any help. Right now he needs 3d modelers for characters, level designers, texturers, and anything else is handy.
I just wanted to let everyone know about this fantastic project, and about the opportunity of helping Tim. Be sure to check around the website, and try the demo. And if anyone can help to make progress faster, then you can contact Tim on the website.
Im curious what you guys think about it.
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Re: Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

Postby Steven Aus » Nov 26 2019, 5:34

Yes, it would be great for folks interested to help out personally and/or raise the profile in the gaming community to attract support and interest from those looking for this sort of game.

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Re: Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

Postby timbecile » Nov 29 2019, 19:53

Thanks Strobe! I meant to post here, but after the warm welcome I got at RPGCodex, I was waiting for the upgraded UI version of the demo.

But I'm glad you posted! I just wanted to mention that there is also a demo available for download if you want to get a first hand experience what it plays like.

Just remember it's still early so there's plenty of bugs to find!

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Re: Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

Postby Pol » Dec 8 2019, 23:33

Feeling excited Tim, no sound too. Looks like the one from good old times, it's charming a lot. ;)
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Re: Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

Postby Starwander » Dec 11 2019, 2:49

Thank you for sharing, will certainly be purchasing when it is released.

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Re: Aeolwyn's Legacy (Upcoming M&M like game)

Postby BB Shockwave » Jan 27 2020, 6:10

Seems promising. It's M&M 6 -8 in all but name. I have downloaded the demo, will try!
Though the first sentence (developer of MM9) made me vince... I only ever played that game once and even forgot most of that experience, it was so bad. Hope the game is more like the previous ones and not like that. The dungeon designs and creature graphics certainly look better here than in 9.
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