Mermaid Nudity Sensor Mod

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Mermaid Nudity Sensor Mod

Postby KruhlSentru » May 1 2019, 2:37

I don't know how many people will actually care about this one, but when opening the water tab in your spell book, there is a pic of a topless mermaid. Well, after a bit of fiddling, I managed to edit the image. I just put a box over the breasts, and filled with the same brown that was in the picture (black glitched out). So, if anyone else would like to not have pornographic imagery in the game, I thought I'd just share the minor change.

As always, please back up your files first. It's just not worth the risk, no matter how small the change. Just copy this version of the icons.lod file into your data folder. Replace the original with this one, and voila, tiny fix implemented!

Here's the link: ... s.lod?dl=0

If something does go wrong, let me know. I only just barely tested it to make sure it works, but it's so simple that I'm hoping nothing will really change enough to cause trouble.

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Re: Mermaid Nudity Sensor Mod

Postby Macintrash » May 1 2019, 6:44

All the statues and sculptures on the sides of buildings have nudity as well...

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Re: Mermaid Nudity Sensor Mod

Postby Pol » May 1 2019, 20:21

ERSB ratings are here to be checked. There I would like emphasize that there is difference between natural (art), erotic (art), sexual content and pornography.

Only the first is what you can find in many games, mostly olders and it's not covered by ERSB (at least not explicitly).

The only thing which is covered by ERSB is "sexual content". And there's none in MM games.

And pornography is not an art, cannot be licensed, protected and generally it's worthless.

So, if anyone else would like to not have pornographic imagery in the game..
is a nonsense, because there's nothing like that. You should go and carefully rephrase it. Also adding black rectangle is not any good. Either cover it like a funny censorship and be a bit more creative or put some shells/bra/clothes on them, to let it be unobtrusive.
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Re: Mermaid Nudity Sensor Mod

Postby Talin_Trollbane » Oct 20 2019, 23:18

LOL i played MM6 alot and i never saw those Mermaid udders, man you gotta be some hardcore puritan to notice those.
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Re: Mermaid Nudity Sensor Mod

Postby raekuul » Oct 21 2019, 22:39

oh no. not bare breasts. what ever will we do. wont somebody think of the children.

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