MM6-MM8 Turn-Based Fights Only

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MM6-MM8 Turn-Based Fights Only

Postby Anubis » Mar 17 2019, 20:23

I've been feasible would it be to play through MM6-MM8 where all your fights are in turn-based mode (no moving around to dodge projectiles or magical attacks)? I'm thinking of giving that a try but I can see some scenarios where that wouldn't work, such as having to face off against Terminator Units or Blood Titans (Unless there's a way to counter eradication or being K.O.'d in one hit).

I've never really used the white or black potions...dunno if there are any potions there that cure eradication or being knocked unconscious. I'd also have to find the information regarding those one-hit-kill creatures and see if they have any class/racial preference (e.g. goblins being more likely to attack the dwarves in your party) and set up a party based on that information.
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Re: MM6-MM8 Turn-Based Fights Only

Postby GrayFace » Mar 18 2019, 0:29

It's one of the standard ways to play.

Anubis wrote:(Unless there's a way to counter eradication or being K.O.'d in one hit)

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