mm6 my best parties (Over 20 years of experience)

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mm6 my best parties (Over 20 years of experience)

Postby Gallimar » Jan 16 2019, 2:45

Hello everyone, ive been reading alot of posts on many forums and i have to say im quite baffled about how much people miss in a party formation (Powergaming wise).

Anyways i wont go into much detail but instead post what and why the best formations i know are.
Note that this is and has always been my favourite game thoughout alltime and i even held the highest highscore on the 3do site before it was closed down. Not that the highscore part has any significant meaning... Just a hint to let people know i know what im talking about here =).

So for the parties:

Knight Knight Druid Knight is by far my favourite melee party since it breezes through the game as it was nothing (for a melee party that is). Im well aware of the lack of Light magic but in all honesty... Just give the druid all the horseshoes, then boost your magic skills accordingly:

Fire magic up to 12 (Haste).
Water magic up to 12 (Lloyds/Portal).
Air magic 4 (Can master at 4 for Fly/Shield spell)
Body magic 4 (Master isnt needed)
Spirit magic 20+ for (heroism/bless/Shared life)
Leave earth/mind magics at 1.......

Just keep boosting spirit as mush as u can when you are satisfied with your other druid skills.
Heroism and bless is really all you need aside from haste and shield (Just donate at some church to get Day of protection)
Also i cannot stress enough how good Shared life spell is when you have knights in your party (they reach 800+ hp)
I cleared the entire tomb of varn just running around slaughtering everything that came against me. I only had to Lloyds back to town twice during the entire dungeon, and it was a fast and fun run through the tomb
With this party you have all the convinient travel spells, a group who **** wrecks dungeons.
Also one last final note that really makes me speechless everytime i read it.... Spear/Sword combo?! Are you guys **** serious?! 99% of the community thinks this is the way to go....... Well all i can say is: **** that.

Now this is what you do for a melee party: Axe/Dagger combo (Darkness axe with an elemental dagger)
Once you get axe skill around 20+ you will hit the recovery cap of 30, if you also find a "Helmet of recovery" Your recovery time goes down to 27...
Also a side note: Dont forget to give your druid Morgan/Igraine and other rings that boosts spirit/fire magic
I will let you guys figure out the rest for yourselfes when it comes to this party.
Next is the magic party:
And yes ive tested them all (DDDS/SSSC/SCSC/SSSS)
However... there is one major thing "Again" that people tend to agree on but are totally wrong about... Dark magic?? Yes dark magic does have some heavy damage spells... But you will have to Lloyd back to a church all the time and it isnt "Really" that good honestly. One spell school that ppl forget (when it comes to having a skill of 25+)
Is air magic (Water works aswell with acid/Ice bolt)
Once you get air magic up to 15+ (Just keep pumping it above even) and with a ring of "Air magic" wich boosts your magic skill by 50% (skill lvl 20 becomes 30 etc etc, skill lvl 30 becomes 45)
Your lightning bolt will hurt alooooot. And if someone is immune to air then.... Implosion deals physical damage (Water magic deals ice and poison dmg)
Lighting bolt at lvl 40+ is very very mana efficient. You basically do this the entire game:
Small space dungeons: Sparks
Big space dungeons: Lightning/Implosion
Grinding outddoor: Starburst

The magic party is much easyer and shorter to explain. Just pump one magic skill up all you can and get rings or amulets of that spellschool (Artifacts stack with normal rings btw but there is only Morgan for elemental and Guinivere for Light/Dark)
And as i said with the last party. The rest is for you to figure out
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Re: mm6 my best parties (Over 20 years of experience)

Postby Gallimar » May 1 2019, 7:57


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