[TOOL] .hwl unpack utility

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[TOOL] .hwl unpack utility

Postby Emjayen » Sep 17 2018, 12:43

I noticed there doesn't appear to be anything around for unpacking these archives and so I've made one of my internal tools friendlier for public use. You can download it here

Example usage: hwl /f:bmp /s:somearchive.hwl

Above will unpack the textures contained in the HWL archive file somearchive.hwl to the current directory in bitmap format (A1R5G5B5)

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Re: [TOOL] .hwl unpack utility

Postby GrayFace » Sep 17 2018, 14:46

There was a tool for it somewhere, but just a few days ago I tried to find it and couldn't. I'm wondering though what use there is for it now. I recalled it because I was thinking of making HD textures in mods only in D3D and doing it via HWL, but decided that having them in a "magic" LOD might be better, because PaletteSMul and PaletteVMul options would be respected. For HWL the textures have to be pre-filtered.
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