MM6-8 Modding Quickstart Guide - Seeking help

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MM6-8 Modding Quickstart Guide - Seeking help

Postby mm7github » Aug 12 2018, 20:05

Hi MM community,

I have relatively limited time to commit to playing/researching to modding (My heyday of playing MM6-8 was when they were released -- ca 1998-2000). I do like to fire it up once in a while, especially with new mods to see what talented young people are capable of. In order to accelerate my process of installing these mods, I tried to put together a "Quick Start" guide, hosted as a markdown page on GitHub. If anyone could help contribute to this simple endeavor, that would be really fantastic.

The intention is to create a guide to take a player from a fresh MM6/7/8 (specifically mm7) download, to fully modded and ready-to-play in just a few minutes. I'm using GitHub so that it's easy to collaborate among many concurrent contributors. Perhaps once this page is in good shape I can repost it here, again to serve as a user friendly "Quick Start" guide for folks like me who want to get up-to-date with 21st century Might and Magic.

Thanks and best wishes!

The page is available at

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