MM6 - I want to patch in another language.

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MM6 - I want to patch in another language.

Postby hukme » Jun 9 2018, 20:17

I want to patch in another language.
I have the icons.lod file translated in 1998.
It is Korean.
I tried to paste icons.lod into the date folder, but the text seems broken.
It seems to be a problem of EUC-KR / CP949 ↔ Windows-1252.
I want to know how to solve it. If you know someone, please help me.

This eagle was written by a translator. I'm sorry for the incomplete sentence.

Attach screenshot and lod file ... sp=sharing ... 1gj55eI8wu
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Re: MM6 - I want to patch in another language.

Postby tomchen1989 » Jun 9 2018, 22:14

I'm not sure what you really want. Do you want a Korean version of GrayFace's Patch? Unfortunately, GrayFace's MM6, 7 and 8 Patch cannot be applies to the version of Chinese /Japanese / Korean languages that have so many characters that they have to use multibyte encoding.

If you just want to play Might and Magic VI in Korean, but you have Korean version's icons.lod without other files such as mm6.exe, then, I happen to have Korean version's mm6.exe and other files you need, you can download the following zip file, unzip it and put everything into the game folder, replacing the original files: ...

I haven't tested it but I guess it should work. It seems to be version 1.1, I guess it's the latest for the official Korean version. The latest official English version is 1.2 and has a lot of unofficial patches including GrayFace's Patch whose latest version is count as v2.0

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