Some help modding the MM6 Shops

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Some help modding the MM6 Shops

Postby ShadowLiberal » May 28 2018, 3:03

I'm wondering if any experienced modders can help me here.

I'm trying to modify the shops in Might and Magic 6 to make the game tougher. There's two things I'm trying to do that I haven't had any luck figuring out/getting it to work however.
  • I want to change what spells are available in spell shops (specifically I want to remove some higher level spells from the spell stores entirely)
  • I want to make shop owners pay no more than half the base value of an item when I sell it to them, no matter how high my merchant skill is (just like how the General Store behaves).
it looks like the place to do this is in the 2DEvents in icons.lod. I've had some success in here at modifying certain things about shops (their hours of operation, the name of the store & the clerk, adjusting how much they over-charge someone with no merchant skill), but I've had zero luck at the above outlined changes I want to make.

It looks like the A column is what needs modified to adjust what items a store sells, but no matter what I put in this column nothing ever changes in game (it's not an issue with waiting for stores to replenish their stock either). The same is also true of the b column which some shops use, nothing I do here changes anything in game. I've got no idea why these columns don't seem to be effected by anything I do. I even tried leaving these columns blank for every store, and the shops still behaved just as before (but other changes, like increasing how much they charge me for items, still worked at the same time).

I'm more stumped as to how to make stores give only half the value of an item when you sell it. The two Notes: columns look like this might be the area to modify it, with how some of the columns have "Sell Items" in the left notes column, and "All Armor" and such on the right notes column. The general store has a value of Value / 2 next to it's Sell Items option. I tried plugging that into all the store type's sell item's columns, but nothing changed. I tried some other things, including deleting all the text in the Notes columns, and nothing changed in game either.

I've looked around elsewhere for potential places to modify these two things, but have come up empty handed. I've tried finding any guides or discussion on MM6 modding, but haven't had any luck either.

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Re: Some help modding the MM6 Shops

Postby NotABroom » Jun 5 2018, 16:03

I would like to know this as well. I'd especially like to mod shops so that they don't sell items above a certain level. But that should be the same principle like modding the spell shops.

Some things are easier to mod in MM8 btw. You might want to consider using the MM6-8 merge for modding MM6 since that could open up some new possibilities.
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