Modding monster spell damage a no go?

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Modding monster spell damage a no go?

Postby Anubis » May 27 2018, 7:58

In another thread, chiyolate mentioned trying to strengthen spell damage that monsters dish out.
chiyolate wrote:I've tried using Fireball at Master level 60 instead, but it doesn't hurt much.. hahaha..

I tried doing this as well but no matter what change[s] I made, the spell-damage amplification that I tried to do didn't work at all whatsoever. Really, on paper, a mob dealing master 60 fireball to your party should be doing noticeable damage but for some reason, nothing. Even my level 1 party laughed it off. Why is this and how can I correct this issue?
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Re: Modding monster spell damage a no go?

Postby NotABroom » Jun 5 2018, 15:58

You can modify the spell damages. Modded the whole game for stats and spells once, pretty sure the spell damages worked the way I wanted them to. This applies to MM8 at least.

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