how does "of slaying" effect work?

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how does "of slaying" effect work?

Postby heluo » Mar 29 2018, 5:08

I wonder how "of XXX slaying" (do doubled damage against certain enemy)enchantment works.

Does it doubles every total damage? or weapon's base damage itself(like mater dagger skill effect)?

How does it work if equipped dual wielding?

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Re: how does "of slaying" effect work?

Postby Xfing » Apr 12 2018, 18:47

I think the only part of damage doubled is the damage afforded by the weapon itself. Which can be a small part of the overall damage result, which also takes into account skill bonuses, strength and spell bonuses. Only the damage inherent to the weapon is doubled, which in practice gives you a small percentage boost to overall damage output.

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