mm7 Npc Questien

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mm7 Npc Questien

Postby Zaris24 » Jan 17 2018, 1:15

In might and magic 8 Npc made Black potion if you had all the stuff that was needed
is it the same in 7 or there isent any npc that will make it for you ? or the only way to get em
is make them your self (if you dont buy or find them)

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Re: mm7 Npc Questien

Postby zalunaya » Jan 17 2018, 12:08

In mm7 you need to make the potion or buy it. They get almost too common in two high-end shops, which may be earlier accessed than the promotion item required for GM alchemy. However, making them yourself all at once can be easier than keeping track of which you've bought. And if you're not using GOG version, it's good to have a druid around for haste.
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