A confusing question about an NPC in MM8

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A confusing question about an NPC in MM8

Postby Vokial the Vampire » Aug 20 2017, 8:00

I first noticed an intersting phenomenon when checking my teamates' age in MM8 ,Artorius the Vampire (Lv. 50 in shadowspire) is 33 ,while the introduction shown that he has fallen into unconscious for 34 years (and woke up recently)!So is there a conflict or other reasons behind ?
Here's my brief hypothesis:
The story MM8 began was in 1172 ,1172-34=1138 ,just between Morglin's conquer and the succesion war .A hero apperaered in HOMM1 named Arturius ,probably a minister of Morglin Ironfist ,was replaced together with Lord Haart in HOMM2 ,is that the accident that caused Arturius' absence in the succesion war ?In the second year Arturius became unconscious ,he became a vampire or he became a vampire at the age of 33(although his portrait seems not so young).
Also ,I suspected that is was related to Morglin's conspiracy .There is a saying in ancient China:"After the cunning hare is killed,the hound is boiled", which means once a task is accomplished, get rid of those who accomplished it (usually for emperors). After more than a decade's peaceful rule in Enroth ,Morglin felt some ministers became a threaten to him (and his succesors) ,and Arturious was one of them .Morglin assassinated him and pertended it was an accident caused Arturius' disappeance ,just similar as Lord Kilburn.Fortunately ,he was not dead throughly and turned to a vampire ,then sent to Shadowspire by necromacers(maybe Sandro).
Is ther any other proper explanation of Artorius's story?Thanks for your attention !

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Re: A confusing question about an NPC in MM8

Postby Xfing » Aug 21 2017, 14:27

I dunno, he's described as an "ancient vampire" in his bio. His numerical age is 33 only because with 50 or above detrimental effects of aging mechanics kick in, and I think the developers wanted to avoid it. Duroth the Dragon is also described to be a very, very old dragon, and his numerical age statistic doesn't reflect this.

Guess programming different aging thresholds for all the exotic characters of MM8 would have been too much hassle, so they were kept unchanged from previous games, where they were workable. Also, considering how many classes in MM8 have superior longevity, giving them higher age thresholds might have been unbalanced, considering that knights, trolls and clerics still age like normal people would.

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