Question for Grayface on Extracting .evt files

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Question for Grayface on Extracting .evt files

Postby motter25420 » Jul 23 2017, 20:32

Hi Grayface, in your MMExtension notes you said:

You can decompile scripts of TCC or Rev4 mod by yourself. To do so, extract all *.evt and *.str files from the same LOD archive you used to extract *.txt files. Put them into "Decompile" folder inside the game folder, create "Scripts" subfolder in it and run this simple script:

If you look below you can see I did what you said, but I'm not sure exactly how to "run" the script. I compiled it but that did nothing, I tried to run it in game with the debug console and got the results you see there. How do I run this script?

One other thing, what is the best way to modify the maps? I am trying to remove the Pyramid from Dragonsand, I had done this way back when with BDJ's hexing method but I'm sure there is an easier way, plus as I've said before I forget how exactly I did it and BDJ is not around anymore to ask. Thanks as always for all your help and the work you do.

EDIT: Sorry I couldn't get the pics to load properly, you will have click on the link :disagree:
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