Might & Magic Compatibility Layer (Tool)

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Re: Might & Magic Compatibility Layer (Tool)

Postby Velaar » Jul 7 2017, 15:07

GrayFace wrote: 32 bits color support to my patches and potential hi-res support.

[edit] The thing I don't know how to solve with hi-res yet is how to change 3D view middle point and boundaries without effecting UI.

Does it make any difference for existing assets?

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Re: Might & Magic Compatibility Layer (Tool)

Postby GrayFace » Jul 8 2017, 6:35

Yes! The difference is surprisingly big.
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Re: Might & Magic Compatibility Layer (Tool)

Postby Vinevi » Jul 17 2017, 23:50

Heya, I have been trying out your tool with MM6 and currently have some issues with it.

"Unable to create dd surface for mouse" When clicking on the character's equipment.
The buttons that are part of the interface does not always seem to work and it seems that their "hitbox" is higher than the actual button.
That is what I have got in the LOG file:

Code: Select all

18-07-2017 02:43:35  ERROR: Failed to install hook kernel32.dll!GetVersionExA

It all seems to be the case only in windowed mode.
No compatibility settings, no patches. File version: Product version: 1.2 (GOG's Limited Edition). OS Windows 10
Runs in windowed mode in 640x480.

Crash dump (the game crashed when I have clicked on the equipment):

If the GrayFace's patch is applied:
The interface has the same issues regarding the "hitboxes" being shifted up a bit. When clicking on the character's equipment the game doesn't crash but some blinking happens (the screen becomes white for half a second).

The error in the logfile is still present.

Your tool for MM7 works like a charm without any patches though. (The only thing is that sensivity is a bit low and different from what I have on the desktop and my mouse cursor snaps to the top-left corner of the screen sometimes).

P.S. It seems strange but my MM6 is rendering in 646x509 (if the game is patched that will be 642x507 :iceblock: ) window instead of the ordinary 640x480. This might be causing the offset. Here is a little comparison: http://imgur.com/a/ydAIz

Thanks for what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
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