Your favourite non-original M&M music

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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Your favourite non-original M&M music

Postby Gilnar » Mar 12 2016, 12:49

We all love the beautiful oroginal M&M soundtracks. Never the less, after hours and hours of playing, one can tire of them, especially in Heroes, where the music changes every few seconds with castles, terrain, etc.
So, do you listen to any other music when playing?
I really like the 80s Jethro Tull with MM6. It's a synth-heavy rock with lots of fantasy themes.
I used to listen to G.F. Handel's Messiah with HoMaM III a lot.
Post your own tips.
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Ser Ironfist
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Re: Your favourite non-original M&M music

Postby Ser Ironfist » Mar 14 2016, 21:19

I use the campaign music tracks from Heroes 3 for the actual game.
For example I use "Evil Theme" as my Inferno Town theme. I'm using a lot of these campaign tracks. They really fit in niceley since they were made for the same game.

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Bandobras Took
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Re: Your favourite non-original M&M music

Postby Bandobras Took » Mar 17 2016, 17:27

For Heroes III:
Castle: "The Longships", Enya, Watermark
Tower: "The Brazilian", Genesis, Invisible Touch
Inferno: "'Little' Fugue in G Minor", Bach
Stronghold: "This Land", Hans Zimmer, The Lion King
Necropolis: "Selina Transforms", Danny Elfman, Batman Returns
Dungeon: "The Imperial March", John Williams, The Empire Strikes Back
Fortress: "Boadicea", Enya, The Celts
Rampart: "Fairytale", Enya, The Celts
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Re: Your favourite non-original M&M music

Postby GreatEmerald » Mar 17 2016, 19:22

I never get tired of it. Ever.

Heck, on my YouTube channel I looped HoMM1 tracks for 30 minutes and it's still too short for me :D

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Re: Your favourite non-original M&M music

Postby Xfing » Apr 23 2016, 0:15

Oh, boy.

For many years I played both MM7 and 8 without the built-in music, so I had many songs imprinted deeply on me which I then associated very closely with the games. Such imprinting happened much more to me and in a much more intense manner when I was a child, but it still does to an extent.

For example I remember listening to U2's "Electrical Storm" when flying around Bracada Desert. There were many other songs too.

A quite strong imprint is Satariel's album "Hydra", which I associate with the Land of the Giants playing the Light Path. It's overall a great soundtrack to the Light Path in MM7. For the Dark path, I'd suggest Old Man's Child - In Defiance of Existence. These two albums are granted to enrich your experience like no other lemme tell you!

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