MM6 weak party bug

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MM6 weak party bug

Postby Gilnar » Mar 6 2016, 14:14

Has this ever happened to you?
When you start a new game and quickly double-click on "Create Party," sometimes, SOMETIMES, it throws you right into the game with the basic pre-configured party but WITHOUT skills or stats points. So your wizard Zoltan only has dagger and fire magic and 14 intellect, and so on.
It's a funny little bug and I used it to make the game a bit more challenging when I wanted to play it again and couldn't decide on the party.
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Re: MM6 weak party bug

Postby Baronus » Mar 6 2016, 15:55

There is a peasant game mode. You start with 00000 all. But it think that is not interesting because its only long and boring dificulty start. Late game is a normal. Better solution is making hardest creatures. All time is dificult.

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