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The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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MMX Mods

Postby the beavers1 » Jun 20 2014, 10:51

Hey I was wondering if there were any existing mods yet for MMX? Im curious to see how the mod ability of this game turns out and whether or not it will be any good. I also just read that development for MMX ended as of 6/19/14. Is the game still buggy? I hope they didn't end it without fixing it up, which will in turn mean that the modders will have to fix their mistakes much like what bethesda did with Skyrim =/
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Postby Lord13 » Jun 20 2014, 21:45

Nope it is not buggy at all, with the patches all the major bugs are fixed, only some bad infos i read for the perfomance at 32 bit OS (i run 64 so i do not know if are true). I think is good they stoped it now, we have a nice and finished game, i personally dislike DLCs, we have also a mod kit so it is a matter of time to see Mods from MnM community.
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Postby orzie » Jun 21 2014, 13:40

I don't think the modding kit solves anything.

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