Advice on MM7 mods?

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Advice on MM7 mods?

Postby Caradoc » May 3 2014, 18:18

Hi Gang,

I've been away for a while, but I just picked up MM7 at GOG and would like some recommendations on mods I might enjoy. I'm running Win7.

Also, do you have any advice on party composition? Nothing too kinky -- I'm thinking Knight/Archer/Cleric/Sorcerer (light).

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Postby Arret » May 3 2014, 18:28

Play it normally (both light and dark) and then play the Rev4 mod.

Best party is
Anything but a ranger

I'd suggest another knight for light or a sorcerer for dark but they all work easily.

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Postby Panda Tar » May 3 2014, 20:38

Hello again, Caradoc.

Somehow, having a cleric or anything that can cast either Light or Dark magic GM is pretty much ok. I've played, a long time ago, with a Paladin as the only healer and the Archer, the only mage. I don't remember the results, though. :D

Arret, is this mod around here for downloading?

P.S.: ah, here it is.
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