What will come after M&M X Legacy (expansion or XI)?

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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What will come after M&M X Legacy (expansion or XI)?

Postby phamlongtuan » Jan 30 2014, 2:50

Hello everyone

We are having some fun now, i'm so happy that finally we can hope for a brighter future of might and magic series. I think we can spare sometimes beside game grinding and discuss for future move of M&M X.

1st scenario: M&M X yield handsome reward for Ubisoft, they will prolong this kid a new expansion, more in depth gameplay, more DLC, they will last for 1 year i think, so this time next year we will hope for something more fan made stuffs (hopefully).

2nd scenario: so sucessfull for spawn a sequel, these are what i expected for M&M XI

1. Limbic will be chosen again, they already had some experienced
2. Still tile based, but free to explore world with smooth movement
3. Improved graphic, to attract more newbie
4. Finish the untold story of M&M IX
5. Paper doll ^^
6. Too many things i can not think of, what are your suggestion :-D

Cheer Limbic

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Postby Pitsu » Jan 30 2014, 12:24

The deluxe version of the game states that the first DLC will be free, meaning that their plan is to get some extras to this game before moving to next. Dunno what that extra will include.

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Postby Spin » Jan 30 2014, 21:07

There's definitely some DLC to come, i'd assume it'll probably be 3 DLC packs in total. . The community dungeon is still yet to be released so that will be part of the game as well as probably more dungeons. I really liked the Temple of Meow (the only academy place in the game) so hopefully they do some more academy focused dungeons.

From there it's possibly a sequel that they'll be working on. I think as far as Ubisoft has gone with the Might and Magic Franchise it'll definitely be a while before we see a MMXI if we ever see it.

Enjoy the current game for now!

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Postby Bandobras Took » Jan 30 2014, 22:33

A sequel will most likely depending on whether actual revenue meets projected revenue. If they make a profit, they'll want to slate a sequel before fervor dies.

My grand dream would see characters from MMX carry over into MMXI -- an ultimate tribute to World of Xeen.
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Postby Talin_Trollbane » Feb 2 2014, 18:43

2. Still tile based, but free to explore world with smooth movement

uh, that part kinda contradict itself.
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Postby Xfing » Feb 7 2014, 10:30

I think that Ubisoft making MMX was more than a gesture of goodwill than anything else, they know they won't be making a fortune out of that game.

MMXI should take a more epic, higher budget approach IMO. Free movement and real time fighting are things that I've started taking for granted, so I have no idea how MMX will play for me.

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Postby Asomath » Feb 7 2014, 13:56

So, the game clearly set up the extremely detrimental use of Void Magic as the motivating concern for a future event. There are several minor characters who find themselves not being able to recall small bits of their own history. The affliction of Crag Hack and the fall of the Shan'tiri empire are both hinted to be caused by it. So the question is, are the Nethermancer's going to be a problem in a DLC, a Heroes game, or a future MM RPG?

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Postby Tress » Feb 7 2014, 14:00

I think Void story line will mainly be used in Duel of Champions. It already introduced various Void mages and nethermancers. As of game mechanics they mainly use Prime magic, I doubt they will add new school as MM world have preset system of magic tied to elements.

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