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The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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Postby Rune_Caster » Sep 1 2013, 10:10

unknownone wrote:
GreatEmerald wrote:
unknownone wrote:I totally agree with your remarks on the movement system, in my opinion MM6 one was really good and allowed both real time and turn based game plays.

No, the MM6 system is hands-down the worst of all MM games. That's because you can't move in turn-based combat. So it pretty much means there is no real turn-based combat there.

Oh, you are right, I forgot about that important fact, then MM7 and MM8 are better since they fixed that issue, while preserving everything else.

If that's turn based... you enter turn based mode and all the monsters fling their projectiles at you... bam half your life is gone! Where in Might and Magic 5 there were a few monsters that could kill you or knock you unconscious with one blow when in green status (full life)

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Postby Xfing » Sep 9 2013, 21:12

That's oversimplifying it a bit. But agreed, most MM6 monsters had projectiles that either overrode your armor or destroyed it outright. Plus there were sooo many of them, and your party was weaker than it was in MM7, and even more so in MM8.

Basically this is what happened throughout the three games. Your party got progressively stronger while the monsters got progressively weaker. In MM8 you're basically untouchable if you have five guys at level 50, while in MM6 you have your work cut out for you even in the endgame.

Haste Blaster Rifles make stuff much easier in MM6 and 7 though. Still, even without them MM8 is easier.

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