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Postby wolfy » Aug 4 2013, 2:15

I've been doing a bit of researching and been testing out a couple of features that are in the game. (Please correct me if my results are incorrect)

First I want to start out with Maces. . .

Maces appears to be a very good weapon at Normal and Expert rank if you want to get a good Accuracy and Damage on your weapon at early stage of the game, however. . . I think that the Grandmaster feature for the Mace / Blunt weapons is rather rubbish. It is suppose to act like a stun a.k.a the Earth Spell to knock back your opponent, and you need pretty high skill points added to the skill to get these frequently. And to add the cherry at the top, the Stun appears to be pretty useless to me, as I've been running through the gae with a party of Arch mages, 60 in Earth magic and of course in master rank. I did a couple of attempts to push away advancing targets with the "Stun" spell, but it barely pushed them away for me to take advantage of that, even in turn-based combat is pretty useless, so my best suggestion would be to add a different buff for the Maces.

Swords appear to be pretty decent to use, though its only effective as a medium-early stage through out the game, as the skill ranks only provide Accuracy, Recovery time and Left-hand style. Left-hand style opens the opportunity to wield this weapon along with a Spear, Mace, Axes and Clubs with different unique rank abilities that can make a deadly combination (My preferance is Spear and Sword) Though later out in the game it grows weak as it has no better rank feature to make up for it, as the other weapons outclasses it in high level terms. (Like 20-30 skill points)
Possibly the AC per skill point as Grandmaster may be appropriate. . .

Axes are pretty much VERY strong due to rankings giving them: Attack Accuracy, Speed and Damage. Making this weapon skill a very solid one through out the entire gameplay as it would just keep making you stronger with its bonuses. Axes are so far as I know the most useful weapon to use in main-hand, maybe Longswords are suppose to turn out to become a Support weapon in high level terms in the end. I'd say a far trade would be if Axe's Recovery time on Expert were traded out for chance of critical strike on the same rank to give a early stage Critical strike chance, but I have no idea what to give its Grandmaster skill.

Spears in general is very powerful, as it is faster than other weapons I believe, atleast faster than a Sword through my experience with it (Correct if incorrect) And pretty much the same with the Axes, its a weapon skill that can be played with through out the end of the game due to Attack Accuracy and damage, and then you get Armour Class for each point (Though very low)

Staves are pretty weak, and I suppose its "Meant" to be so since its an average Druid & Sorcorer weapon, its the only 'Shield' for both of these classes since its Expert rank grants Armour class, though I felt it would be way more fair if it had doubled effect aka the Shield rank, though the shield has triple in the end. Stun effect definently needs to get replaced aswell since it doesn't do much, perhaps the staves should have one-hand ability or recovery time reduction, or let it serve as a magic reistance booster since magic users usually use staves.

Daggers seem to be pretty fair.
Attack accuracy, left-hand option and the chance of causing triple damage(THOUGH very unreliable as I even tested the daggers with master rank at 60 skill point, correct me if I'm wrong)
Daggers are either a main weapon for Mages, or as a support weapon for Knights and Clerics as it can help the main weapon to cause triple damage I believe with its master rank feature (correct if incorrect)
I think that Dagger's grandmaster should NOT have a attack damage buff as it does in Mm7, though a recovery time reduction with double effect to make it more viable to compete against the other weapons.

Bows is a weapon class I respect much because it is a supportive weapon as it can't actually do high damage on high level terms, but the max damage depends on the way you play it out with the distance, I would dislike if the Bow had the rank feature with increased damage like it does in Mm7, cause it takes away the unique support line in it.. Accuracy, speed and ability to shoot two arrows seems pretty fair to me, maybe grandmaster should give the opportunity to shot three arrows? or maybe cause a critical strike?

Clubs...why are we talking about clubs...YES, cause its a free feature in the game for anyone to code on, it has barely any connections to it, though I felt like it should...why would they even add a weapon that you would pretty much replace at the character creating screen?
Normal: Attack Accuracy as usual.
Expert: Left-handed
Master: Attack Damage
Grandmaster: Attack Damage (Double effect)
Making this a pure offensive weapon, though weak due to its small weapon of choice...Three if I recall correctly.

Also I would like to state unless I'm incorrect that I feel like all Two-handed weapons are pretty much outshined by shield or left-hand weapon.

Something should be done to two-handers to make them more viable please.

also would be nice if they were able to add a couple of Mm7 skills into Mm6, such as unnarmed would be pretty cool.

Thank you for your time!

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