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The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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Which is your favourite Might & Magic game?

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Postby clayman » Apr 26 2013, 21:45

Talin_Trollbane wrote:well, when you are 33 years old like me you've had more chances to game the classics like a boss.

I envy u a little, those old games have some awesome feel in it... i think i'm just lucky i got world of xeen back then, i think mm7 was already out, when i played wox.
I'm tryin' mm8 atm, can't say i'm having much fun. Feels like it has much less... soul?

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Deftclaw Redreaver
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Postby Deftclaw Redreaver » Apr 28 2013, 15:49

Hmm....Either Might and Magic 8 or Might and Magic 7... I think mine in Might and Magic 7. I really loves Might and magic 7's storyline, And i preferred it MM8 Becasue the Artifacts in mm8 are too easy to find. But in MM7 it would be a true blessing if you found one in a dungeon like the Titan's stronghold in Avlee

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Postby koval321 » May 9 2013, 13:27

Each game bring something new and have own style, even if 7 was actually build on 6 engine, its different (and better?) To me its three major games:

4-5 (good)
6-7 HoM3 (best)
8 (good)

and from that 6-7 replayed most time, this is like golden age of M&M, its peak. To be more interesting in the same frame of time appear Heroes of M&M 3 whch fit to the same pattern. So I can tell that 1998-1999 was the time of M&M leadership in Fantasy RPG gaming world (M&M6, M&M7, HoM&M3) In 2000 M&M8 was still promising, original, but not that good probably. Then Wizardry 8 get next glory in 2001 and M&M9 stand in its shadow, trying to copy W8 style but miserabel. Really I can tell that MM9 tried to be like Wiz8 they was wrong, they should make new scenario on MM8 engine, big mistake. Am wonder if actually exist some attempts, plans, projects for MM9 on previously engine.

Probably they make risk decision, to be only good or to be best, and maybe they look around and try to beat Wiz8 but they arent better even not half that good, this is when you try to copy somebody, its lame. next group would be:

9 poor copy of great Wizardry8

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Postby Xdarkon » May 9 2013, 17:07

Kalah wrote:That is indeed surprising ... most of the guys I've talked to are pretty much unanimous that MM9 was the worst of them all ...

I was eqstatic about that game, I still have my CDs but haven't finished it

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Postby Arret » May 12 2013, 1:09

9 was a poor game, and I have played it multiple times. It basically trashed a lot of the aspects that made the later Might and Magic games great, starting with the obvious, Fly and Invisibility. In addition, not being able to have even master level of ANYTHING until both promotion quests was frustrating. This is before we go into things like the bugs, break from the MM storyline, and unlikeable characters.

It did a few things well, such as the Frost Giant encounter and undead rising at full hp, but there is no reason to avoid going back and playing 3-5 and even 2, despite the graphics drop, before messing with 9 for people that played 6-8 and who want to experience more of the series.

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Postby Bones_xa » Jun 28 2013, 15:30

Dharcness wrote:MM6, not because it's my first MM game. and not because it's my first western rpg ( Diablo doesn't count ). But because of all the fond memories I have with this game.

1. My first party was knight knight knight cleric ( spells are for the sissy, but the little booklet tell me to include a healer to HEAL my party ). So off I go charging into an army of mages. That didn't go well.

2. After reading the manual, My second party is Knight, Paladin , Cleric , Druid ( I include a druid because I might need that town portal, waterwalk and torchlight spell).

3. It took me 6 months game time to clear up abandon temple of baa in New Sorpigal. Why? because my characters were wielding the starting clubs!

4. What is killing me when I'm flying in town? Is this a bug? Alright no more flying in town.

5. Gharik Forge is in New Sorpigal, it should be easy right? Nope! The Fire Elementals blast my still virgin party into ashes within 5 seconds. Ordinary people might leave this place as it's too tough for newbie. But I persisted for quite some time to no avail.

6. Accidentally walked across the portal in Castle Ironfist into "Arena" like area and got lost for many days.

7. While trying to clear this new area of castle ironfist I accidentally journey into Free haven. I have to dodge left and right from all the spells the mages cast on me as I take refuge in Castle Temper.

8. While trying to journey back into castle ironfist, I accidentally journey into Mire of the Damned.

9. The fire archer in Free Haven can kill my party really quick. And a group of them is right next to the center of Free Haven town!

10. Diamond gargoyle in Silver Cove are a tough nut to kill. But spells are still for the sissies!

11. Ooooo, Armageddon. What does this do? Boooomm!! *Everyone in town died* Awesome! Maybe spells are not for the sissies afterall!

12. WTF? You mean it's not a bug that kill me while I'm flying in town but a malfuction tower that shoots everything that flies in town? Okay I can fix that.

13. *Accidentally press enter for the first time* The hell? Why can't I move? And why does this hand suddenly appear? As you can tell , the assassin in Misty Island actually manage to kill my character with their special attack because I never go turn base.

14. Why is my wizard eye keep on failing in Castle Darkmoor? *cast wizard eye* *gone* *cast wizard eye* *gone* *cast wizard eye* *gone*

15. How do you solve that puzzle in Castle Alamos? Aha! Internet!! Oooo..there's lots of info in the internet. *smack forehead* So this is how you should play the game!

Unfortunately, The other MM games doesn't give me the same kind of Ooh! Aaah! anymore.

This post was awesome!
Very entertaining and hilarious.
I laughed several times reading it.
Some of my favorites were:
#1. running into the game first time with basically no magic.
#3. 6 months to complete the abandoned temple because you didn't change your weapons? Holy crap. You are persistent. I salute you.
#5. Going into Gharik Forge early and getting smoked. And you go back? haha and wow, got to admire your persistence.
#6. Walking across the teleporter in castle Ironfist and getting lost for days. Thats hilarious. And you got to free haven & Mire? That must have been quite an experience.
#11. Armageddon.

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Postby zib » Jun 30 2013, 0:58

My first M&M was (not counting heroes 2) 7, since then I did all of 'em but MM1&2.
Voted 7 but in fact I can't really decide between 6 and 7.

In 7 I think I like the storyline better, I like the Harmondale feeling, I like the new class & skill system clearly better, like some spell tweaks and dislike others. MM7 is a game I can replay several times in a row every 2/3 years, hail to its replayability.
As you guessed, my feeling is there's less replayability in 6, however I like the music much more, like the environments more, the bigger towns, the bigger everything, the far more complex dungeons, the far more crowded mob packs.

So yeah, mixed. If the question was "You're allowed to play a single MM once. Which one ?", then MM6. But after the answer I would punch you in the nose to remind you you shouldnt restrict my M&M gaming :D
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