Char portrait resemblences to Heroes?

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Char portrait resemblences to Heroes?

Postby Bones_xa » Jan 10 2013, 18:12

Ever name your characters after Heroes from HMM or do you think there are any chars that look like or remind you of certain heroes?

There are 12 different character portraits in MM6, so I've thought of a hero from HMM to name them for each portrait and made 3 parties.

Knights are good classes, but I prefer having at least some magic for every character, so picked paladins instead. All the heroes in HMM can cast spells, even knights, so why would they not here?

One reason I love MM6 the best is because there are less restrictions with skills you can bring to master and spells you can learn.

Party 1: Before they were liches
PCPD - but with melee fighting emphasis
- In both the HMM3 and HMM4 portraits he has red hair.
- In HMM3 portrait it looks like his face is covered by either warpaint or something else.
- So the guy with red hair might be close to what Tazar looks like.
- Paladin with skill emphasis on defense (plate, shield) because his specialty in HMM3 was armorer.
- Has spirit magic for bless & healing touch, and also gave him earth magic with stoneskin through an editor, and light magic with slow. Players in HMM3 usually seem to choose earth magic with Tazar, stoneskin, slow, etc.
- Axe, plate, shield.
- Imagine Straker before he became a zombie. The guy with the eyepatch is a possibility, because from his HMM3 portrait it looks like his left eye might be missing, (although it could just be the shade).
- In his HMM4 portrait it also looks like his left eye could be missing, but not sure because hair is covering it.
- I made him cleric, but put very few skill points in actual magic, instead in fighting/weapon/bodybuilding skills.
- Probably should have made him paladin too but its too late now and I'm not starting this over. Besides the emphasis on fighting skills he is low in dark magic and body for healing the party.
- Mace, shield, chain.
- Before he was transformed into a lich it was stated in HMM4 he was a knight. So the knight looking guy for him.
- Paladin with plate, swords, shield, and also low skills in body magic and dark magic.
- Only hero in this party with higher than 1 in diplomacy skill, because in HMM3 description it says he is charismatic.
- From his HMM3 and HMM4 portraits he is bald and his face looks scared and roughed over from battle.
- In HMM3 description it says he was originally a shaman. So a druid.
- Maybe in his youth Ayden could have looked something like this, with hair.
- Spear as weapon and emphasis in meditation, because his specialty in HMM3 is intelligence which adds spell points.
- Has all magic skills except for light magic.

Party 2: Gathering storm heroes (before the GS)
PCAD - with emphasis on bow skills for the first 3 chars, just magic for last.
Because at the end of the GS campaign I remember 3 of my heroes having GM archery, so when not casting spells they were back shooting most of the time.
- One of the only chars left to pic from, maybe Dogwoggle could look like this.
- Axe, plate, and also has spirit and water (obtained through editor).
- Strong fighting skills and bow skill developed well and at master.
- The dark haired female.
- Emphasis on light and dark magic, for obvious reasons. Also has spirit, mind, and body.
- Bow skill developed well and at master, and strong fighting too.
- Mace, shield, chain.
- The blonde druid looking female.
- Earth, Air, Water. Bow skill developed well and at master, disarm trap.
- Spear, chain.
- The sorc guy with short brown hair. Bohb had same type of hair, but white. So this guy actually resembles a young Bohb quite well I think. This char was one of the main inspirations for me to name chars after heroes, because he reminds me a lot of a young looking Bohb.
- Has ALL magic skills. Made him a druid, but also obtained light and dark skills with an editor.
- All magic skills currently low (and at expert), but mind and water are higher and at master. Most frequent spell for him is currently mind blast, while the other 3 heroes fire arrows.
- Weak in fighting, for obvious reasons.
- Staff, leather.

Party 3: Elemental heroes
CASS - with emphasis on spellcasting.
- But could have also picked Ingham for this char portrait.
- Cleric for obvious reasons.
- Spirit, mind, body, light, and also earth and air magic (obtained through editor)
- Sword, chain, shield.
- Dark skinned guy because Ignatius also had similar dark complexion in HMM3.
- Archer with mace, chain, shield, and bow skill semi-developed.
- This char has the highest fighting skills of this team.
- For magic has earth and fire magic.
- Sorc with axe, plate, shield. (Plate and axe skill obtained through editor).
- Fire as main because fire was her specialty in HMM3 AB. Also has water, mind, and dark magic.
- In HMM3 AB, has specialty in magic arrow, but can't do much about that here.
- It also says the she lived by the ocean. So water as main, air secondary. Also has spirit and body.
- Sorc with dagger, leather, shield.

MM7 I didn't really bother with trying to make a party from HMM chars because there are too many skill restrictions to make the chars the way I want to.
But was thinking Christian for the human knight, and maybe Ivor and Kyrre for the two elf males.

In MM8, had to do a lot of editor work for skill adding, class changing, and character re-naming.
For starting char (default) I have Tyris for the human female knight. Spear for weapon because she was a jouster, but unfortunately I can't add magic for knights, even with the editor I had.
Mirlanda I have to replace the starting cleric in dagger wound. Her portrait I used was the second human female knight, but made her a cleric and added water, air, and earth magic with editor.
Sanya for the female cleric with the band on her head also added the 4 elemental schools. Since eagle eye was Sanya's specialty, I only allowed this hero to the learn spells after seeing other enemies cast them throughout the game.
Verdish for the other female cleric, with regeneration skill.
Vidomina for the female necromancer.
Dace maybe for the brown minotaur, with fire magic added. Except he doesn't have a metal plate on his face!
Darkstorm maybe for the dark gray minotaur with air and earth magic added for lightning and stoneskin. But his spell points are too low!
Reeva (from heroes 4) for the female vampire with long hair.
For the bald dark elf, Halon would be good, if he was only green...
For the white bearded dark elf, Fafner would be good, if he was only blue...

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Postby Avonu » Jan 10 2013, 20:42

For me these characters resamble:

1. Obelix

2. Xena

1. Robin Hood after Robin of Sherwood TV series.

I name my characters more by class which they use - like Lich become Megalomaniac :P, Mage Magnificence and Ranger Forester. Of course with little modifications here and there in their names.

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Postby Bones_xa » Jan 10 2013, 22:27

Ah cool. I never heard of Obelix so I looked him up to see what he looks like.
And the Robin of Sherwood, I never saw that TV series so I looked him up and yeah, that character does resemble that Robin hood very much.

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Postby Flodarien » Jan 12 2013, 4:55

[quote="Avonu"]For me these characters resamble:

1. Obelix

Me and my brother always said he looked like Obelix. It's odd that we never took him and named him that way, and make him Knight with insane strength

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Postby Bones_xa » Jan 13 2013, 22:50

As far as real world character resemblances go, another one that reminds me of someone is the male cleric from MM8, the one used for Fredrick Talimere portrait. That portrait reminds me of the priest from the movie Silver Bullet, the guy that turns into the werewolf. I looked up the movie and the actor's name is Everett McGill.

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