RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Jon Van Caneghem on M&

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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RPG Codex Retrospective Interview: Jon Van Caneghem on M&

Postby Storm-giant » Aug 24 2012, 11:53

Correct if I'm wrong, but I haven't see this intervew to JVC in the forums.

There some interesting things, like he wanted to created a RTS M&M game, that NWC received offers to be bought by other companies, but 3DO didn't want and more :)
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Postby Tress » Aug 24 2012, 12:30

Interesting interview.
Sad he wasn't able to salvage NWC once 3do troubles began. Then again his company could just have went same way as sirtech, despite fact that they had best games in genre (even by our day standards) they went bust.
Wish he would have elaborated what he actually do for CC franchise. By time he left Trion CC4 was almost complete(besides even if he managed to add to that game, then that is another failure in his career).

Must say he was way too optimistic in his statements regarding his canceled mmo. Back then market was way smaller (only fraction of people had internet and it was lagy), also many game was hit and miss in mmo genre.

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Postby Talin_Trollbane » Aug 25 2012, 22:53

proudly some of my questions to him was asked too. :)

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