Was there ever a druid class planed for MaM 8?

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Was there ever a druid class planed for MaM 8?

Postby Dave_Jame » Jul 12 2012, 17:01

I wanted to ask this question a log time ago. And if there ever was such a discusion, then sorry for creating a new topic.

But I alwayes wondered if, there ever was any information about a Druid-like class planed for Might and Magic VIII.

Who has played the game knows about the Druid crown in the Stonehenge dunguon.
I also found it rather interesting that the GM alchymist was a Lizard Man. And also the from the description of the Swamp Staff I had feeling like it is ment to be for a certain class.

Over the years I have created a image in my head. The image of a Lizard man class for Might and Magic VIII which would be similar to the druid Class of Might nad Magic VI and VII. I even created a skill tree that I thought would fit this class the best some years back.

The last "hint" about this comes from my logic. All important races are represented in a Class. We Have Vampires and Necromancers for the Undead, the priests for the Church of the Sun, Minotaurs, Trolls, Dark Elves, Even, Dragon slayers and even Dragon Class. All representing important side in the game. But only the Lizard man from Dagger wound do not have a representativ.

But since all of this are only conclusions based on some facts from the game and the mind of a random fan, i am really curious if there ever was any official information on this topic.

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Postby Avonu » Jul 12 2012, 17:21

From what I remember reading posts and articles here and there, yes. IIRC there are unarmed and dodge skills in game files and this crown probably was planned to be promotion quest for druid.
IIRC all this content was cut down because of game shelude.
But on the other hand , there are also thieviery skills or blasters in game files, so maybe they are just leftovers.

However I can't tell you if that all was true or just rumours.

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Postby vladimir-maestro » Jul 12 2012, 19:07

it is not clear for sure!

mm6 was first one mm7 and mm8 were made of mm6! in mm7 & 8 are resourses from mm6 that developers forget to cut off or just didn't care about them.

so, speaking about druids - yes, they were planned but other skills are remains of mm6-7. some of them are working, yes, but they are only a junk.
in mm7 are hidden animation - entry of a thunder mountain - but noone could see it in the game O.o

in mm8 was a zantora portrait so we can only guess what does it means and what role she probably could take.
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Postby DaveO » Jul 14 2012, 5:15

From what I understood, a Druid was playtested and could solo the game. Given enough luck and good items, many classes could probably also solo the game.
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Postby Tress » Jul 15 2012, 15:19

Judging by leftovers like circlet I would say that most likely yes. Also as you may have noticed that mm8 quality wise is lower than previous parts which is likely due to time constraints which is likely reason this (and probably much more) content was cut.

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