Might and Magic 6-8 modding

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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Might and Magic 6-8 modding

Postby Hellburn » Jan 13 2012, 18:41

I'm starting this topic, so I can post here all the questions, regardless of Might and Magic game :)

1. I've noticed there's unused long dagger artifact graphic in MM7, so I figured I could implement this new artifact to the game. I've modified items.txt file from events.lod -> selected the unused artifact row and filled almost all positions in that row, but something tells me it's not enough.
So here are the questions:
- How to determine artifacts properties? (for example: +10 to intellect etc.)
- How to implement this new artifact to the game? (so it can be found after killing a dragon or a titan).

2. Question from the other topic:
- How to add a brand new hireling npc to Adventurer's Inn in MM8?


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Postby vladimir-maestro » Jan 13 2012, 19:51

hack EXE file only
You can contact me here:
vladud@yandex.ru - preferred one
Site about MODs: http://www.mmgames.ru
if you wish to upload some materials for this site - let me know.

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Re: Might and Magic 6-8 modding

Postby CATMAN » Oct 8 2021, 14:46

...can be done using scripts? Use for this Merge mod...

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Re: Might and Magic 6-8 modding

Postby StormyG7 » Oct 22 2021, 22:17

Hey, I know how to modify and improve the TGA and BMP art for MM games. I had been workingon porting MM6 and 7 items over to the World of Enroth Merge. However, I lost literally everything due to a HDD drive crash; extremely upsetting. I'm not a great 2D artist. I was using GIMP and Irfanview at the time to remaster the items and try to massively improve the look of everything from paper dolls and portraits to weapons, armor, items, etc. It looks like somebody ported over ALL the stuff from MM6 and 7 into the World of Enroth merge. I'd like to help improve the weapons and armor if anyone is still working on it.

I also swapped around some art because I can tell there is a discontinuity between item graphics and their name/descriptions. For example, the MM6 'Duelist Sword' and 'Champions Sword' seem reversed, as does the 'Warriors Sword' and 'Lionheart Sword'. You can tell the Warrior Sword has a lionheart look. I'd imagine the person who named the swords was busy as heck, and outta touch with the artists; a theme that appears common in MM games.

For Example, I had a plastic Richard the Lionheart toy sword that looked like the one in the link, but with a gold-colored hilt from Toys R Us:
https://www.southernswords.co.uk/richar ... 15647.html
I have seen a letter opener that looks similar too in google images. I think that something like that replica was the inspiration for the lionheart.

I am not the greatest at 2D art, there's gotta be someone out there who sees the World of Enroth as an opportunity to remaster much of the art from the big three MM games.

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