Favourite Dungeon in MM6,7&8

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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Favourite Dungeon in MM6,7&8

Postby Bowerbank » Dec 19 2011, 22:48

I've been playing a little Chaos Conspiracy and MM8 solo play recently and I was just wondering what are peoples favourite dungeon in each of might and magic 6, 7 and 8. For me I'm going to go with:

MM6: between: Abandoned temple of Baa/Lair of the Wolf
MM7: The Maze
MM8: Mad Necromancer's Lab

6 Had many larger dungeons which made it a harder decision for me

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Postby Arret » Dec 20 2011, 5:31

6: Castle Alamos (size, complexity, password puzzle complexity especially in TCC)

7: The Pit (dragon breath, pain reflection, shrapmetal, the size). The barrows are a lot of fun as well, especially when you can't find remember where the keys are (Rev4).

8: Regna Tunnels(name?) due to size, complexity, and best music in the series. So big it had to be split up into 3 dungeons to find the cannonball. Castle of air is also excellent in MM8 although much smaller.

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Postby vmxa » Dec 20 2011, 14:35

Hate castle Almos as it is a pain to navigate as is Darkmoor. When I get to that point in the game I tend to put it away for weeks. Finally coming back to plow through them.

MM6 the Dragon Caves of Kriegs.. As it has lots of good loot, but is a not an easy take down.

MM7 Maze

MM8 Crystal Palace in Ravenshore as a solo hero.

Least favorite part of MM8 is the Plane as it has lazy monster art and can be cleared with armaggedon, so you do not even have to fight.

Least favorite part of MM7 is waiting for the judge to die.

Least favorite of MM6 is the Control Center, but Varn is not far behind They first 20 times where ok, but now I often dread all the effort.

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Postby ShadowLiberal » Dec 20 2011, 14:36

6: Really hard to say, I guess the Supreme Temple of Baa.

7: The Pit (It's a really fun battle with a solo Archmage, having to do all that hitting and running)
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Postby GrayFace » Dec 21 2011, 0:07

MM6: VARN. The second place is the palace of Lord of Fire.
TCC: Hard to say, I don't remember much.
MM7: Can't decide.
Rev4: The Gauntlet.
MM8: Minotaurs' Lair.
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Postby Mn » Dec 21 2011, 10:12

MM6 - Tomb of Varn
MM7 - Lincoln
MM8 - Plane 0f Water (game was not finished
MM74Rev - ? (where you must do "Test of Friendship")
TCC!,2 - Last Dungeon (with trainer above)

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Postby Avonu » Dec 21 2011, 10:56

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Postby tolich » Dec 21 2011, 13:23

Secret_Holder wrote:Ok. I thought it would be very interesting to see wich dungeons are considered to be the best and worst of the MM series.
Bowerbank wrote:I've been playing a little Chaos Conspiracy and MM8 solo play recently and I was just wondering what are peoples favourite dungeon in each of might and magic 6, 7 and 8.
I think that these topics are quite different.

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Postby Bandobras Took » Dec 21 2011, 21:36

6: None. They all suck to me. ;)
7: Titan's Fortress for the sheer sense of scale.
8: The Eep Dungeon with the jumping puzzles.
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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Dec 24 2011, 9:53

7. Passage beneath Nighon. Just like the varieties of creatures and challenges there.

8. Plane of Earth. Requires real thoughts on tactics here. Storming with brutal forces just won't do.

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