MM7 Walkthrough with the ultimate party

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MM7 Walkthrough with the ultimate party

Postby Kalle Klovn » Apr 27 2011, 18:08

Ok, so I have done half of the second run through with my KKCS, to see if I can “prove or disprove” the hypothesis that KKCS is the most effective party. See the original discussion on ... 854#311854. My theory was that this team is proven the most effective if all quests can be completed without any troubles and ideally without ever having to rest or temple heal during a quest.
I have posted a little blow by blow account of the first half of the quests in this respect and also explained the order of quests and also what skills should be focused on. I have also used a minimum of equipment to not spoil the results.

Started with two goblin knights and two dwarfs for cleric and sorcerer. Chose dwarf over elf for the sorcerer in order to start off with 30 might and endurance, rather than intellect and accuracy. This helps greatly in the beginning, and intellect is not missed, because you don’t use spellpoints for fighting for a long while.

The focus of trainings should be in the order as follows when available:

Knight: Sword E and M, merchant E, armsmaster E, M and GM. The rest as you see fit (repair is handy).
Cleric: Body magic E, merchant E, body magic M, merchant M and GM, light magic. The rest as you see fit. Use clubs for weapons, and do not train mace until you have light magic and use hour of power. The merchant M can be tricky because you need 50 personality. If you find a personality potion in Celeste or the Pit, buy it even if the price is stiff.
Sorcerer: Air magic E, Water E, Dagger E, Leather E, Air M and GM, Water M and GM. This is a crucial order because:
Water E ->water walk ->wizard promotion -> Air M->fly and invisibility ->a number of quests.

Emerald isle:
Clean up easily and move on. Do not train any levels. Get a locksmith and burglar NPC here or in Harmondale.

Go directly to stables and wait for Sunday to go to the arena, complete knight (not lord) challenge 5 times. This should be very easy at this point because you are still level 1. You will then have what you need for the 2. knight promotion. After this, train levels normally.
Clean out your castle and the white cliff caves to get the acromage deck. Both should be easy, but you may use the fireball wand from Mr. Malwick a couple of times to soften up enemy clusters.

Barrow Downs:
Clean out the Haunted mansion for the 1. knight promotion. This will be the trickiest dungeon to complete without rest, as I think you are cleaning it out earlier than intended. Use the balcony in front when you enter and shoot the trapped enemies with bows in turn mode as they will be stuck, also use the fireball wand liberally. Ignore all chests, but pick up the angel painting for Visconti quest later. Note: Even 4+14 (NPC) disarm trap was not enough to disarm chests here (a sign that this dungeon is far above your intended skill level at this point), however they can easily be ignored and if needed/wanted picked up later.
Pick up the golem chest, see the dwarf king, pick up merchant expert skill.


Free dwarfs (run through, ignore oozes)
Pick up golem heads

At this point, focus on the wizard quest and find the golem pieces in Avlee, Tatalia and Deyja. Get water expert in Avlee and water walk spell in Tul. Forest before you go to Tatalia. In Tatalia swing by Tidewater Caverns to get the Evenmorn map. Should be easy. The chest will explode but you can take the hit. In Deyja, use fly scrolls that should have been found by standard methods. Get sword M, and see Deadulus Falk for the priest promo.

You are now done with the most cumbersome, but also most important promotion quest to become wizard. Return to school of sorcery. Get Air M, and fly and invisibility. Return to the dwarf king.

You can now finish the Elf vs Human quests (you may need to wait a bit for the trumpet quest to appear and then for judge gray to die). If you want to optimize game time more than I did, just visit the dwarf king sooner, and start the cycle of events. For some reason I didn’t feel like slaughtering humans and elves, so I ran through these quest using invisibility. However, these dungeons should not pose a problem for your party. Using Invisibility pick up the paintings in Castle Gryphonheart and return to Visconti in Tatalia for 50k reward which you need.

Choose Good.
Smoothly pick up your 2. Knight promotion on your way through Bracada. Complete wall of mist, as this is done easily with invisibility (as the quest intends).
Complete the priest promo and the archmage promo. Both are easy with invisibility. In the Pit, invisibility is a must. I suppose the temple of moon could be done with force. Here I have to concede that the party is not up to it at this point. Leveling up and getting armsmaster GM before this would probably be needed.

Early game summary:
The quests that needed to be taken by force has been done in one go very easily. As correctly highlighted previously, some chests are unavailable due to lack of disarm mastery. However, they would probably have been unavailable anyway given that even a thief would not have that skill when useful (early in Haunted Mansion). The chests were also not important. Money has been close but just sufficient, merchant expert for all and GM for cleric is important. Other than that I have used invisibility some places, which could be done with any party with a sorcerer I suppose. So not really proven the party quite yet. However, I am positive that I can report back in my next post, that all remaining quest in the mid- and late game was a breeze, as my party is already up to almost full fighting potential.

I assume choosing a sensible order for the side quests, as well as focusing on the right skills, should make you cut through the rest of the game like butter. I will post a run through of any highlights or difficulties in the mid and late game.

Party status: At this point my team is fully promoted and have most key skills and basic equipment (no fancy stuff though)
Knights: Level 28 M Sword, GM Armsmaster, GM Plate - basically full fighting potential. Further growth in GM repair, bodybuilding and higher AM. If anyone can prove that skillpoints into spear is better than AM, I am all ears.
Cleric: GM Body Magic, GM Merchant, M Shield, E Chain, E Light – Secures that money is ok and has the ability to heal the entire party many times over on one SP reserve. Decent armorclass. Further growth is clearly to GM light magic, then other magics.
Sorcerer: GM Air, GM Water, M Earth, E Fire, E Dagger, E Leather – Has all key spells, and as good a fighter as he’ll ever be. Further growth is more offensive spells, although not decided which way to go quite yet.

Kalle Klovn
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Game completed

Postby Kalle Klovn » May 1 2011, 16:28

Just finished the game according to plan. From my last post every dungeon has gone by without a hitch. I completed the second half of the quests in a straightforward order, saving titans stronghold, the maze and clearing out the pit and temple of dark for last. I also killed all critters in LotG for fun. The party performed outstanding.

At GM Body the regeneration spell is almost overpowered. The party would heal, staying at full health during battles with large groups of minotaurs, titans etc. In combination with prot. magic to avoid any fluke deaths, the party could fight with impunity. GM light spells only add to the carnage.
Casting enchant item on armor (like helmets) often yields "of arms" for +15 armsmaster skill. This is available early after GM water so the knights do around 100+ damage from level 30 reaching 200 at end game. Needless to say, at 30 recovery even without haste this decimates everything.

It seems like this party is quite optimal. From level 0-60 this team must imo be unbeatable. I never had to exit dungeons to heal, and only teleported out to unload treasure.

To sum up:
KKCS seems uncontroversially the best in the early game. Compared to spellcasters with low SP until late game, the Knights deal the most damage, and they also take the most hits. The best part about knights is that they reach full potential very early. The only loss to disarm (thief) is skipping the chests in haunted mansion... not really a problem.
Basically, you can do a direct line of the relevant promotion quests and core quests. Using invisibility only for a very few key areas, and also to sneak through to LotG for Armsmaster GM. Once this is done, the world is your oyster. Interestingly, I found that light magic is not critical for this might party as previously assumed. The most important defensive spells are in body magic, not light. Hour of power is not important because the knights are down to 30 recovery quickly through the armsmaster skill. Picking up the black potions for +50 in most skills means that further ~150 boost from DotG doesnt make a big difference as the returns diminish (75=10 effect, 225=16 effect). Allthough I didnt try it, going dark, would maybe even be better. Your sorcerer and cleric can even surpass the knights in damage per second, once they are past level 50/60. Reaching skill level 40 in dark magic is not difficult. I am at those levels in light magic with a "of light magic" booster which are plentiful. Quick math on shrapmetal at skill level 40 should yield, average 1200 at point blank range.

As mentioned in the ultimate party thread it is possible that archers can become even stronger very very late game (level 60+). At this point the bow skill will be way stronger than blaster and equally fast. Clerics and sorcerers also out damage knights at these levels.

The point however, is that my knights at 200 damage kicked dragons easily, so any more power wouldnt make any difference. And given that the rest of the game was as easy as I think humanly possible, I say we have the winning party! :)

Kalle Klovn
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Dark walkthrough

Postby Kalle Klovn » May 19 2011, 18:14

Completed the game with the same team, but going dark. Followed the same strategy as on the light path. Completed the promo quests first, and then cleaned up, leaving Titans stronghold and Dragon caves for last. After GM all key skills, knights put all skillpoints into AM, and mages put everything into Dark.
The team was close to as effective as on the light path. The KKCS team is the best imo, even when going dark. The knights dont need haste/hour of power, as AM moves recovery below 30 very fast.
The only difference is that when breezing through in real time, I almost never use magic, therefore dark magic is kinda useless. The team simply doesn't need it. As when going light, body magic is key, using regeneration + protection from magic and then just hack and slash. The biggest difference it seemed, was that when using blasters on my mages (and sometimes knights), I used haste, but had to recast it quite often. This was a bit annoying, so I feel that gives the edge to light magic, because hour of power lasts longer. :)

That being said, it is fun to cast shrapmetal at level 45 dark magic, shredding dragons point blank with one shot... (459 - 2484 damage is pretty nice)

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