GrayFace MM8 Patch v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022]

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Re: GrayFace MM8 Patch v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022]

Unread postby Xfing » 02 Oct 2022, 18:13

Broken, but understandable :P

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Re: GrayFace MM8 Patch v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022]

Unread postby GrayFace » 15 Oct 2022, 00:47

Rinba wrote: 30 Jul 2022, 09:21 I'd like to ask how to disable strafing in mouse look mode in MM8, according to readme "NormalStrafe=1" in mm8.ini should do the trick, but that doesn't seem to have any effect for me. Using the most recent v2.5.7 [Mar 4, 2022] patch.
Oops, I called it StandardStrafe in code and NormalStrafe in readme.
Rinba wrote: 30 Jul 2022, 09:21Alternatively, would it be possible to increase the strafe speed? Its rather slow speed is what makes me want to disable it in the first place.
Yes, that's a good idea. Stay tuned for new version.
Erisian wrote: 06 Sep 2022, 11:26 I installed this patch in the middle of a game, which might not be the wisest thing to do, but I was having crashes upon trying to enter the Destroyer's palace before installing it and the patch fixed the problem nicely. One issue though was that it wiped clean all my set Lloyd Beacons. I don't know if this is a bug or just something unavoidable but I thought it good to report it, just in case.
You can still use them, only images aren't compatible. I had to change image names because they were broken.
Xfing wrote: 01 Oct 2022, 21:29 There have been fixes made for this - not quite sure what the situation is now, but I'm assuming the Merge has a permanent, integrated solution, and so does Grayface's MM8 patch.
My patch doesn't AFAIR. But I should indeed do it.
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