GrayFace MM8 Patch v2.4.1 [Sep 20, 2019]

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Re: GrayFace MM8 Patch v2.4.1 [Sep 20, 2019]

Postby GrayFace » Nov 21 2021, 21:23

NotABroom wrote: Sep 25 2021, 19:04 Hello, somewhere between fighting wasps in Alvar and then entering the dungeon with a thousand doors in Ironsand, I got a water breathing spell on my necromancer and vampire (not the rest of the party). The spell lasts for 279.429 days.
You mean Water Walk? Send me the save game.
NotABroom wrote: Sep 25 2021, 19:04 Edit: I realise now that I might have messed things up by installing my mod that I made like 8 years ago. "Installing my mod" just meant copying an old "EnglishT.lod" file with a few edited txt files into the data folder. I guess this way I might have erradicated whatever the patch changed within EnglishT.lod since I made that mod.
No, it doesn't and spell duration doesn't depend on text files either.
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