GrayFace MM7 Patch v2.3.1 [June 10, 2019]

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Re: GrayFace MM7 Patch v2.3.1 [June 10, 2019]

Postby cori14 » Aug 14 2019, 9:50

Hey guys!

I just installed MM7 with the GreyFace patch (thanks for the patch btw it's a life saver, can't even imagine how could you guys play it back in the day without the mouse turning :D ).
So I installed it, runs fine, I can strafe, use mouselook etc, BUT for the life of me I can't figure out how to change the controls, like WASD instead of arrow keys. I know MM6 had a control tools addon where I could change these but I can't find one for MM7 on the patch site. (and I couldn't find any options to change them in the ini files.)

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

edit: Sorry I was stupid! When I clicked in game to change the controls, I have clicked on "back" next to the "default" button instead of "Return", so my control changes weren't saved. No I clicked on Return and everything is saved. Lol! Sorry to bother, and thx again for the patch GreyFace!
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