fst humna paladin
There's a lot what happend in the World of Fanstratics and certainly more recollection stories from Greg. Please take a look on following links, listing each letter.

Don't forget to visit also gallery, to see new creatures. For each letter, there's one new. If you open it and then use shrink (click on left arrows) creature description will pop up.

I'm not sure why exactly but WIX pages are not friendly. Each "reformatting" of the letter cost me more time, than coloring the image. So it can be half and hour for newsletter and half hour for image. And now is time to admit, that I can't reformat 6 letters at once. Hat down, Greg can be very prolific.

Let us know, what you like here the most. :D  As well I'm going to close question for Greg soon and dispatch them in this month. So grab your last chance, when it last. :D

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