Ultimate Mod

Ultimate Mod for Heroes IVUltimate Mod for Heroes IV by NimoStar, follow discussion at HC here.

Provides wide screen support, UI spells optimalizations, new abilities, spellls and units. Incorporating almost all known goodies and enhancements till this time, created by other modders.

You can download it from ModDB

  • Ultimate Mod for HoMMIV - Priestess

    UMHIV Priestess

     Priestess everywhere, courtesy of NimoStar. See more in Ultimate mod for Heroes IV at HC

  • Ultimate Mod for HoMMIV Released

    Ultimate Mod for Heroes IV Released

    HEROES 4 ULTIMATE includes:

    • ModdedH4Rs
    • New Objects
    • Modded EXEs
    • Cheat menu-enabled EXE
    • Creature Ability Plugin by RoseKavalier
    • HD Wrapper by Verok
    • New Maps
    • Remastered Campaigns
    • New Brushes
    • New Object Palettes
    • Unique Hero Looks
    • Altered Creatures Graphic
    • New Spells with Icons
    • And Much More

  • Ultimate Mod for Heroes IV Announced

    UM H4 editedcontrastNimoStar announced work on a new mod for Heroes IV. As he's almost having a monopoly at 'all in one mods' (now, after Equilibris team slowed down) for Heroes IV he got quite a lot of attention :D

    Lo and behold, work on