Armageddon Blade

abArmageddon Blade is stand-alone expansion for Heroes III. Restoration of Erathia. It was released at 30 Sept 1999. Brought in new combo artifacts, new units like Azure, Rust, Fairy Dragons, Trolls, Halflings, Enchanters, Sharpshooters and new faction Conflux with elemental units and Phoenix on the top.

The main campaing is revolving about Lucifer's dream to set world in fire with Armageddon Blade, which mission is pursued by Xeron and then you switch to the other side playing for Gelu, Catherine, Roland to free the world from this Nightmare.

Among that it features Dragon's Blood campaign with Mutare and Vial of Dragon's Blood, Dragon Slayer campaign with Dracon, Festival of Life campaign featuring Kilgor, excellent Playing with Fire campaign with Adrienne and Lord Haart with failing memory and lastly bonus campaign Foolhardy Waywardness featuring young Sir Christian as fragrance alchemists.

And some great maps like SEVEN3 and new objects, fe Pandora's Box.

Originally there was planned cyber town Forge but after a great strife between fans and NWC Conflux was born instead.



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Short News 20' - July 22 23 July 2020