Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

ico eraofchaosMobile game by Ubisoft, with inherited some sources and heroes from Might and Magic Heroes III Universe. First popularized in China in 2017, then Philippines and New Zealand, with the last stance being the rest of the world. Graphic style is simplified anime. Expected audience seems like younger players.

Decisive factor here are unit formations, and levelling. Game has semi-automatted grinding.

More about the game (release date, tips, etc..)

  • EoC: Adrienne

    EoC Adrienne

    Well, I have her fixed as Fire Witch, an unique Fortress leader. Which is definitively not this case.


  • EoC: Wystan

    EoC Wystan

    This giant purple lizard can cast Morass, which is large area supportive spell for Fortress units. This is how it works for Might heroes here, sometime with units/combo support like in old times.

  • EoC: Cyclops King

    EoC Cyclops King

    Once awakened, they go wild!

    It seems that it would be better sorted this way. Tamed Cyclop -> Cyclop -> Cyclop's King 
    BTW what is this guy eyeing?

  • EoC: Jenova, Unicorn's Specialist

    Jenova riding unicorn

    I will continue in releasing EoC pictures, despite no longer playing it. The art here is the strong side of the game, maybe even the strongest and we rarely have an

  • EoC - All SSR Team

    EoC fullSSR

    Era of Chaos full SSR team

    Thanks Max!

  • Queen Gremlin's

    kysas uberpowerfulgremlins

    The game features players snapshots, from which is doing "shadows" to fight. In this case it failed somehow, need to say that there was only one unit but power is

  • EOC Fan Art Event

    EOC Fan Art Event

    Time: June 23 - July 7


    Contestants who draw SSR units, will have the opportunity to get their work selected as the official unit skin in Premium Card, which may be made into models by the development team and used in the game

  • Era of Chaos - Help Wanted

    Era of Chaos team is looking for volunteers to help them polish in-game texts. (Finally! big smile ). If you are spell nazi, please lend them your helping hand.

    And also, they are seeking for a new mod. Knowledge of Discord Bot welcomed. Hurry up! Sooner means better.

    Original announcements follow below:

  • Fire Queen


    They should leave Marvell alone. By the way, why she's wearing knickers?

    Let see what will be in following levels, so far good. Did it with  Marksmen, Elves, Cyclop, Efreets, Centaures,,Swordsmen, Wolf Riders and Rashka. She's double strike vulnerable, Curse also works so far..

    Fire Lord

  • MM Heroes: EoC - New Content Promise

    If you are like me, then last chapter for you was "Chapter 18: Deal with the Devil". And you are saying, what else now?


    Because, that was end of the story. Temporarily. World froze.


    Of course, you can hide in the Online Lobby to arrange match with other players, using several modes. — For these reading about EoC first time. This match is just a duel - one battle or many. Solely army vs army. Not any MP fight over map or even campaign. — Cannot complain, if

  • Ubisoft release Era of Chaos worldwide

    MM Heroes: Era of Chaos were released worldwide! If you pre-registered I can only guess that you will receive your "pirate Catherine skin and Legendary pack" when connecting the game with your Ubisoft profile. Which needs to be the same like your pre-registration e-mail.

    Let us know, if you play the game ;)


  • Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

    Ubisoft, just opened their pre-registration for their all-new mobile game Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos which is currently playable in China, New Zealand and the Philippenes. Some game-play videos have emerged on YouTube but Ubisoft themselves claim, that this is a spiritual successor of Heroes of Might and Magic III. Without having been able to test the game myself (yet), we can see some old Heroes such as

  • Heroes Returns to China

    According to VentureBeat, Ubisoft has announced Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos, a new mobile game intended exclusively for the Chinese market. The game will be published by Tencent and developed by Playcrab.

    "This is a significant step forward in our mobile strategy, working hand in hand with Chinese developers and publishers to create games based on our existing franchises that are tailored to Chinese

  • Heroes Moving in on China?

    There's an interesting announcement on Ubisoft's Chinese channel, talking about a cooperation designed to increase Ubisoft's sphere of influence, increasing their activity in the Chinese market. Granted, my Chinese is about as good as my Klingon, so I had to rely on an online translating tool and things may have gotten lost in translation - still, it seems Ubisoft are looking to spread their market shares in the mobile market by entering into