Heroes V

Heroes 5 game by Ubisoft. The most successfull one from Ubi. Developed by Nival Studios, under Fabrice's leadership. Recommended fan mod here is Heroes 5.5 by magnomagus.

  • Short News - 19' March2April

    MMH 5.5

    They released a new version, with fixes, new SkillWheel and and possibility to replace new Treeant with the ToTE one. You can grab it here.

    Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 (RC11)

    Legends of Ancients - Book III. available for Download

    After years of waiting there's finaly available Book III. This is because LotA team revived in previous year and got aboard new member - mctronic. Congrats!

    And if you would be interested, contact them. They are still looking for a new volunteers, to create and test maps. Book IV is ahead!


    Dear CH Community,

    The Legend of the Ancients (LotA)

  • Heroes V - The Long Tale of Legends of the Ancients

    Back in 2006 Marzhin announced that he was working on a Heroes V project named 'Legends of the Ancients'. A four-part campaign for Heroes V taking place in the old universe (of Heroes IV - Axeoth). The campaigns takes place after the original stories in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and were to follow the stories of iconic characters such as Nicolai Ironfist, Lord Harke, Lysander, Malustar and Gauldoth Half-Dead to name a few.

    The first 2 campaigns, also refered to as 'Book 1 &

  • Fallen Isabel

    Fallen Isabel

    "Poor, devilish Isabel. Somehow, it just seemed so appropriate..." Thanks Bandobras Took and syllogz.

  • Bring Out the Goblin in You


    Monastor, who was previously a very normal person, went mad because of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. You wouldn't want your wizard to face such a beast.

  • No Unit Left, No Victory


    "The troops were gone for good, but Isabel just couldn't find enough confidence to finish off the hero..." Thanks Sikon.

  • Battlefield Tactics


    Obstacles conveniently placed, the large Rakshasas cannot pass my protectors, and my shooters are safe.

  • 600 Wights


    "Ummmm, does anybody know how to beat 600 wights with 3 weeks of creatures?" Thanks Eric Roberts (OMG!)

  • Arcane Omniscience

    Arcane Omniscience

    The second series of pictures about things you won't see every day, here is Arcane Omniscience! Thanks Ryder.

  • Urgash Call

    Urgash s Call.JPG

    It is possible to get an Ultimate Ability! Thanks Bandobras Took.

  • Inside the Manual


    A screenshot of the new manual's Spells section. Ain't it nice?

  • Peasant Power

    Peasant Power.JPG

    "Ellaine is quite possibly the best garrison hero in the game. Double peasant income, Recruitment, and two levels from Estates... what's not to like. And I finally figured out that right-clicking on the resource bar gives you an income breakdown." Thanks Bandobras Took.

  • Err... riiight.


    I could comment, but... nah.

  • No smoking in the Academy


    Somebody should tell those titans to stop smoking. Thanks Orfinn.

  • I Can See the Sky!


    Ururam Tururam was able to see the sky in the demo of the game. Isn't it pretty? A couple of diehard players should consider doing the same in real-life...

  • Centaur by Ledroit


    I couldn't resist to show you this gorgeous sketch of a centaur by Olivier Ledroit. Unfortunately, it comes from "L'univers féerique d'Olivier Ledroit" (The fairytale world of O.L.) an artbook published in 2005 which has nothing to do with Might and Magic or Heroes. Still, wouldn't it be nice to have

  • That's What I Call a Treasure

    Treasure Chest.jpg

    That's what I call a treasure. Thanks Gaidal Cain.

  • Myth Busted


    Finally, it's revealed - Girls Play Heroes V. Popular forum member Milla aka. the Slayer ruins the myth that Heroes is just for guys. Thanks Milla.

  • Snow in Heroes V

    Snow in H5

    "There's already three snow textures in the game, but it's not enough to replace all the grass ones, so I snatched a few from some other games, this is just a test to see how nice heroes would look with snow, imagine the trees, water and everything else being snow

  • The Map of Ashan


    Here is the lovely world map that comes with the Collector's Edition of Heroes V. If you look closely, it includes a few hints about the factions of an upcoming expansion pack (more about that later). Thanks Jerrie/Labyrinth.