King's Bounty

King's Bounty was predecessor for all Might & Magic Heroes games, regarding that it was a bit different. Player was visiting individual locations and fulfilling quests with his army.  The game was created by Jon Van Caneghem in 1990.

After the license for M&M was sold to Ubisoft, King's Bounty wasn't part of the deal and it was bought by 1C Company in 2007. Based on that 1C Company published following sequels:

  • 2008 - King's Bounty: The Legend (About Royal Treasure Searcher Bill Gilbert, developed by Katauri Interactive)
  • 2009 - King's Bounty: The Armored Princess (About Princess Amelie, developed by Katauri Interactive)
  • 2010 - King's Bounty: Crosswords (Brought Map Editor and some short campaigns, developed by Katauri Interactive)
  • 2011 - King's Bounty: Legions (Online and mobile iteration, one and only developed by Nival)
  • 2012 - King's Bounty: Warriors of the North (Nordic Inspiration. Developed by 1C-SoftClub)
  • 2014 - King's Bounty: The Dark Side (To see the world from the other perspective, play for Vampire, Orc Warrior or Succubi. Developed by 1C-SoftClub)
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