Heroes 2 game, developed by 3DO and published by NWC - old classic. It does have two Add-Ons: Price of Loyalty and Succesion Wars. The two most popular fan mods here are Succession Wars and Project Ironfist. Lots of maps as well.

  • Short News 21' Sept 2

    heroesorchestra logo sHeroes Orchestra released very nice Prayer, from Heroes IV, you can listen to it just below:

    "They are going ready to complete Grassland Suite from HoMM IV. As these masterpieces have some of the best and most chilling tunes in the HoMM series."

    Tournament was arranged in H3:

  • Overboard with Necromancy


    "This is what happens when you go overboard with necromancy.."

    Thanks Avonu!

  • HoMM II. - Civ Mod

    HoMM2 CivMod

     Early testing screenshot. But still fascinating. There's even HoMM III. Civ Mod. Courtesy of Metropolis and Blake. See it  heregking1

  • Succession Wars - Released

    H3SW beta v0.8 came out.

    Visit their forums for downloads and bug reporting or make your note down. Enjoy when it's fresh! ;)

    INSTALLATION note by Orzie added 5.1.2019

    1. Install clean Heroes 3: SoD or Heroes Complete (without HotA, HD, WoG, ERA, etc.)
    2. Download and Install H3SW v0.8.0
    3. Install ...
  • Sucession Wars Mod - Released

    me succession wars

    Peek into the map editor of Succession Wars Mod released yesterday.

  • Unknown Mod - H2:Project Ironfist

    Unknown Mod

    This is just the beginning, a small tweaking script over H2: Project Ironfist. Changing this and there, a little reminding WoG in its purpose. Yet stable but with (known) bugs.

    Download link1
    Download link2

    How to use:
     * You will have to rename this script with the

  • Sucession Wars Mod - History

    Put on the music, and try to read it in time! smile teeth A few months ago Sir Albe posted a nice history of "Sucession Wars Mod" on Enroth diehard fan community board. Summing it up completely from year 2008 to presence. To celebrate and remind its

  • Heroes 2 - Project Ironfist

    Project Ironfist

    The aims here are high. Project Ironfist is all about easy modding, with help of LUA scripting, enhanced editor, new campaigns (but not yet with campaign editor), artifacts, spells, abilities, stats balance. Custom scripts in map are supported. To let them speak:

    "Our maps feature elementals that split in two, enemies that get more powerful the longer you wait, and epic quests to unlock missing secrets. Try out our

  • Free Heroes 2 Enhanced

    A relatively young and stable program is F2HE. First seen release is from Dec 9, 2017 and from that time, they made it into the stable version. The Free Heroes 2 Enhanced engine is created with use of SDL but, of course, you are still supposed to have the original Heroes II. bought.

    You can download the windows build from here. Quite extensive explanation of what are changes vs original engine, can be found on the program homepage ...

  • H2: Project Ironfist Release 1.3.0 & New Cyber Kobold Spearman preview

    When we were on holidays, Ironfist Team wasn't and they released a new version of their 'Cyber Mod'. Let see what they brought on the table this time:

    Download from the Ironfi.st page
    Supported OS: WinXP/Vista/7/8 & see the fix for Windows 10 here.

  • Heroes II. - Project Ironfist

    If you are a long time fan of Heroes II. there's high chance that you already heard about it, if not check it now.


    Project Ironfist adds new monsters, maps and spells to Heroes II. with help of scripting. Together with a new campaign(s). It all started by reverse-engineering the game in August 2010 by Darmani, who now asked me to help him to allure more people in his team. The mod is now in version 1.2.1 and you need windows version of the game to

  • HoMM2 Maps - Price of Loyalty 5

    HoMM2 Maps

    Succession Wars: (1) (2) (3) (4)
    Price of Loyalty: (1) (2) (3) (4)

    Price of Loyalty-Page 5
  • HoMM2 Maps - Succession Wars 4

    HoMM2 Maps

    Succession Wars: (1) (2) (3)
    Price of Loyalty: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

    Succession Wars-Page 4
  • HoMM2 Maps - Price of Loyalty 4

    HoMM2 Maps

    Succession Wars: (1) (2) (3) (4)
    Price of Loyalty: (1) (2) (3) (5)

    Price of Loyalty-Page 4
  • HoMM2 Maps - Succession Wars 3

    HoMM2 Maps

    Succession Wars: (1) (2) (4)
    Price of Loyalty: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

    Succession Wars-Page 3
  • HoMM2 Maps - Price of Loyalty 3

    HoMM2 Maps

    Succession Wars: (1) (2) (3) (4)
    Price of Loyalty: (1) (2) (4) (5)

    Price of Loyalty-Page 3