Almost two long years have passed since the official end of H7 development, which makes the situation around it clear: There is no chance we would get any more add-ons... in the official way at least.

Since that critical moment, we've been working on our Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer Project. Finally, here comes the first Open BETA version, launched on August 24th.

What can you be eagerly anticipating every single moment during the upcoming three weeks before that Day D comes?

  • Brand new Xel faction with its own town, creatures and heroes
  • Over 30 new creatures including the return of powerful dreaded bosses
  • Special game mechanics: Alchemy skill enabling you to create your own potions
  • Specially developed Dynamic Weather System, making every combat different and challenging
  • Three singleplayer campaigns, set in a brand new world Mondalar

Find out more information about the project on its own web: Project website
You can read there the whole background story and explore all the details of new features, as well as the BETA itself!

You can also check the Forums here and ask your own questions if you have any :)

Launch Trailer: