That's it. You found a copy of Dark Messiah, installed the game, and got familiar with the controls in single-player. You are now ready for the next step, which is to play with real people online. But since the learning curve is bit high, and because several experienced beta testers will be waiting for you, Breadblade and arturchix prepared a series of hints and strategies for all five classes:

Archer | Assassin | Mage | Priestess | Warrior

Each page includes the pros and cons of each class and an analysis of each skill, with a rating from 0 to 5. Some quick tips are provided to get the most of your spells and weapons, and a more detailed strategy will show you how you can be useful to your team. The online component of Dark Messiah is, after all, a team-based game. No matter which class you choose, the best tip we can give you is not to give up after your first game: spend some time with all the classes, experimenting with the various skills, and after a couple or rounds you will start to get kills on a regular basis. And that's when the game gets really fun.
Choose Your Path
General Tips

Skill Legend

Cost: Indicates the cost of an ability. If multiple slashes are listed, the skill is upgradeable (second slash is total cost for skill level 2, for example). Note that you get 2 skill points per level.
Prerequisites: What is required to learn the ability.
Effect: Description of what the ability does
Commentary: My personal take on the ability.
Rating: The score I have given the ability, from one to five stars. Reader input is needed to make them accurate. My criteria is as follows:

: Terrible or otherwise ineffective ability.
: A below-average ability, or one that a person can rarely find a use for.
: A solid ability, generally a decent one to have available.
: A very useful or powerful ability.
: Extremely useful skill to have; it is highly recommended to get this.

Upgrade Commentary: Describes any special conditions involved in upgrading (if any), and a little extra commentary either way.