The third Heroes of Might and Magic V patch was released on 09/13/06. It is called 1.03 some places.

  1. Important Warning
  2. Download Locations
  3. Content of the Patch

Important Warning

Saves made in previous versions are not fully compatible with game v.1.3. It is recommended to restart the map to continue playing a saved campaign game.

To continue playing saved multiplayer or single scenario games, you may need to restart the program at the end of the mission.

Note: If you want to update the game to version 1.4, you do not need to install this patch first. You can install patch 1.4 directly. Go here to find it.

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European version -;5495815;;/fileinfo.html
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US version -;5496129;;/fileinfo.html
Italian version -;5495822;;/fileinfo.html
Hungarian version -;5496126;;/fileinfo.html
Polish version -;5496128;;/fileinfo.html
Korean version -;5496127;;/fileinfo.html
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Content of the Patch

Changes in patch 1.3

If loading a save from an older version, some fixes will only take effect after map restart.

Features added:

- Map Editor
- new Mission Results menu
Hotkey (ALT) to highlight all interactive objects (resources, monsters, buildings, etc.) on the adventure map
- Hotkey (CTRL) + (1,2,3...) to enter castles

- Four new multiplayer maps:
- "The School"
- "Allies"
- "Wind Rose"
- "No Man's Land"

- Duel:
- new 3 x 3 heroes duel format
- random heroes selection for duel
- hero and army information interface

Bugs and fixes:

- Crashes and stability:
- the game no longer crashes when saved if there is not enough space on the HD
- several bugs in the Ghost Mode that made the game "freeze" repaired

- "The Land of Outcasts" map no longer has buildings that can’t be entered
- The "Rise to Power" map no longer has creatures that can’t be interacted with.

Game mechanics:
- the Ghost can no longer see the number of creatures in the stack on the map if one of the player’s heroes’ Scouting skill is developed
- all the creatures can use their special abilities when affected by the Puppet Master spell
- the peasants’ Taxpayer ability works correctly when they are divided into stacks
- mistake corrected that, under certain conditions, allowed mini artefacts assembled for half price to be sold for full price
- the summon boat function of the Vessel of Shalassa spell now works correctly at bridges and certain shores
- the Remote Control perk corrected
- the Elementals can now appear in the Favoured Enemy list
- the hero using the Angel’s Wings artefact can now be stopped by a mouse click
- when a hero goes through a portal or a whirlpool his path now refreshes
- AI player now collects artefacts properly

- damage inflicted by the Meteor Shower spell at Advanced and Expert levels decreased
- the Puppet Master spell now does not fall off when the hypnotized creature suffers damage; but each caster can have only one active Puppet Master
- the Fire Trap spell now sets mines in random locations not throughout the whole field but within a 5x5 tiles area selected by the player; in this area, the mines’ locations are still random
- more damage is now absorbed by the Arcane Armor spell
- the Phantom Forces spell now allows creating only one phantom for each group of creatures; the phantom has no activated abilities, and it has the same number of ammo as the original stack
- the Summon Creatures spell now spends 75% of the hero’s movement points (if the hero is short of movement points, the spell will be unavailable until next turn)
- each use of the Raise Dead spell now makes a 20% decrease of the target unit’s maximal HP until the end of the combat
- each use of the Resurrection spell now makes a 10% decrease of the target unit’s maximal HP until the end of the combat
- the Master of Wrath perk now also affects the Word of Light, giving it +4 effective spellpower
- the Master of Pain perk now also affects the Curse of the Netherworld, giving it +4 effective spellpower
- the Ghosts/Spectres characteristics have been changed: these creatures now have more HP but inflict less damage
- the Cavalry Commander specialization now gives Jousting bonus not for each walked tile but for the final result, dramatically decreasing the full damage
- the Iron Maiden specialization: the Fireball spellpower now becomes 0+1 greater for each 5th level, not 1+1 for each 4th level
- the Swift Striker specialization: the ATB now shifts for 0.5% only for each level
- the Reanimator specialization: the Animate Dead spellpower now becomes +1 greater for each 5th level only
- the Poison Master specialization now works correctly
- Eruina duel preset: The army was weakened a little
- Lethos duel preset: Artefact "Four leaf clover" changed to "Tunic of the Carved Flesh"
- the building costs in the towns have been balanced
- the mana cost of 3rd, 4th and 5th circles’ spells have increased
- skill "War Machines" now adds hit points to war machines
- catapult now has unlimited ammunition
- Warlock, Wizard and Necromancer now have one starting spell

Camera, graphics, interface:
- the spells' effects in combat are now accelerated together with the animations
- when a hero moves, the camera now follows him or her instead of remaining static
- the Knight does no longer disappear from the arena when using Retaliation against the Obsidian Gargoyles
- in the Haven town, part of the building’s texture does not disappear when a Town Hall or City Hall is being erected
- when switching to the Ghost Mode, the camera now focuses on the ghost
- the combat at the bridges now always takes part in a corresponding arena
- after defeating an enemy hero, the corresponding information of the gained trophies now appears
- some tooltips in the Duel Lobby interface have been corrected
- in the Duel interface, the heroes’ icons no longer block the information of their levels
- in the combat log, the text for the First Aid Tent has been corrected
- the text of several messages in the Ghost Mode has been corrected
- in a town without a visiting hero, the creatures’ expanded tooltips can now be viewed
- in combat, the walls and gates now have tooltips with their remaining HP
- information about another player in hot-seat turn passing is now hidden
- it is now not possible to dismiss the creatures of allied hero
- switching heroes in tavern and in the info screen now works correctly
- allies can now see the parts of the map opened by seer’s hut or observatory
- additional corrections have been made in various texts
- Numerous minor defects and bugs were fixed.