ShadesOfSandro sends us hints and tips for the Haven town, the final section of our little six-part strategy guide. His advices are aimed at the beginner players who want to play a Might faction, since that's what the Haven is best at. The author warns us that experts might not learn anything new, the Haven not being that complex in the first place. As in the other town guides found on this site, you will find an analysis of each creature, a ranking of the heroes and a selection of skills you should look for. Please post your own Haven strategies in the comments.

LeadershipLight MagicLuck

Our next goal is to update the walkthroughs based on patch 1.2 and the Heroic mode, as needed. Again, your feedback for the most troublesome scenarios will be appreciated.



Welcome to my strategy on the Knights of Haven. I play the Haven town as a Might based town, which is what they are built for. With the right patience and skill selection they could be a Magic town, but it is more fun to play into their strengths. This is a strategy guide for beginners, some of you advance players will look at this and know everything contained herein. I’m sorry I can’t really help you advanced players, because Haven is not that complex of a faction. So without further ado, onto the Knights of Haven.




Tier 1

Peasant: Dmg (1-1), HP (3), Cost (20), Growth (22) – Taxpayer. Each peasant supplies your town with1 gold per day. This ability is about all they are really useful for. Even in large numbers if they don’t fully kill a unit, then the retaliation will kill a large number of them. It is recommended to keep them garrisoned in your town for income purposes. They can also be used as fodder, when you need units destroyed, such as when trying to take a Dragon Utopia.

Conscript: Dmg (1-2), HP (6), Cost (30), Growth (22) – Shield Bash. Conscripts have a chance to stun enemy units, preventing them from retaliating and delaying their next attack. This ability is very useful, but overall, you will never want to upgrade to this unit, as you would lose the income from peasants. Also, you want to fill your armor with other Haven units.


Tier 2

Archer: Dmg (2-4), HP (7), Cost (50), Growth (12) – Shooter, Scatter Shot. Obviously, these are ranged units, their special allows the attack all targets(even friendly) in a 3x3 range. This unit, and especially the upgraded version will make up the backbone of most successful Haven armies. It’s generally a good idea to limit these troops to 1 or 2 stacks, and then surround them with meat shields(squires, footmen, etc.).

Marksman: Dmg (2-8), HP (10), Cost (80), Growth (12) – Shooter, Precise Shot. Upgraded archers, very useful, will be in your army in large numbers until the end of the game. Precise Shot allows marksmen to ignore a targets defense when shooting at close range(less than 3 tiles). This ability makes these the ideal ranged unit for taking out a Dragon Utopia early on, even though it can be done with archers, just easier with marksmen.


Tier 3

Footman: Dmg (2-4), HP (16), Cost (90), Growth (10) – Large Shield, Shield Bash, Enraged. Footmen and Squires only receive 50% dmg from non-magical ranged attacks due to their large shield. They also have a chance of stunning an enemy similar to Conscripts. Both also get very angry if one of their friends dies and gets a buff to their attack. I recommend having a single peasant, if you have the space, and letting him die quick so your footmen/squires get that buff early on in the fight. These units are good for blocking your archers, and they also can be used as your lead unit in very large numbers.

Squire: Dmg (2-5), HP (26), Cost (130), Growth (10) - Large Shield, Shield Bash, Enraged, Shield Allies. Squires have all the same abilities as Footmen, but Squires also cause all allies on adjacent tiles to take 50% of non-magical ranged dmg. It’s a good idea to replace your footmen with squires as soon as possible. Protecting your archers with this unit is very highly recommended, the dmg reduction is a very big bonus.


Tier 4

Griffin: Dmg (5-10), HP (30), Cost (260), Growth (5) – Flyer, Large Creature, Unlimited Retaliation, Immune to Blind. Extremely fast unit, actually is Haven’s fastest unit due to a 15 initiative, the only faster units in the game are Air Elementals, Phoenixes, Blood Furies, and Hell Chargers/Nightmares. So for most battles you will have the fastest unit, which will act the most often. Griffins take up 4 spaces(2x2) due to their large size. Griffins cannot be blinded. Griffins also have unlimited retaliation, which when coupled with resurrection becomes a very useful ability. You can send a griffin out in to the midst of the enemy lines and let his retaliation take over. These units are great against casters and ranged units. If Irina is your hero, then Griffins alone can take on casters and shooters.

Imperial Griffin: Dmg (5-15), HP (35), Cost (360), Growth (5) - Flyer, Large Creature, Unlimited Retaliation, Immune to Blind, Battle Dive. Similar to Griffins, with Battle Dive ability added. Battle Dive allows Imp. Griffins to leap off the field and land when their next turn would come up, doing double dmg to any unit that is in the space you chose to dive on. These units are best used against casters and shooters, since they seldom move. With 3 stacks of Imp. Griffins you can take out just about any unit with the appropriate strategy, keep them in the air as much as possible against shooters and casters, let your hero do some damage, or even your ballista if you have one. Against walkers, just wait with them and then attack whenever they get too close.


Tier 5

Priest: Dmg (9-12), HP (54), Cost (650), Growth (3) – Shooter, No Melee Penalty. Priests are a very good ranged unit, they do much higher dmg than archers/marksmen. It’s tough to have more than 35 of them however, due to low growth rate, being a tier 5 creature, but still 35 of these pack quite the punch. The no melee penalty is kind of useless, because you really should never have to melee with Priests if you play them right,, but it is nice to know you can if you have to.

Inquisitor: Dmg (9-12), HP (80), Cost (900), Growth (3) – Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Caster. Just like Priests, but with better stats, and they are casters. They can cast Haste, Divine Strength and Endurance. I like to have at least 2 stacks of Inquisitors, 1 to cast endurance, and 1 to cast Haste or Divine Strength, whichever one your hero isn’t mass casting. This helps buff all your units and then after you’re out of mana they become very good shooters.


Tier 6

Cavalier: Dmg (20-30), HP (90), Cost (1250) Growth (2) – Large Creature, Jousting. We already know what it means to be a large creature, so let’s look at Jousting. For every tile crossed to make an attack the Cavalier/Paladin’s dmg is increased by 10%. So if you cross 7 tiles, which is normally cavaliers max range, then you do 170% of normal dmg. These are good attacking units, I like to send them to the shooters as soon as possible, they can always get to shooters in 2 turns, and with their higher than average initiative they can, under the right circumstances, get to a shooter before a shot is fired.

Paladin: Dmg (20-30), HP (100), Cost (1550), Growth (2) – Large Creature, Jousting, Lay Hands. Very similar to Cavaliers, with one extra space they can move, and a little bit higher initiative. That is not what separates the Paladin from the Cavalier, however. Lay Hands is an amazing ability if used properly. It fully heals any creature, without resurrecting any. The best thing to do is to send your Archangel in to get some damage, and then heal him for up to 219 hp. It makes it like having two archangels in one. A very fun army to use is 3 stacks of 1 paladin, one moderate size stack of paladins and 3 stacks of archangels. With this your archangels stay alive longer and your paladin gets to pick off any stragglers. This lineup is not really recommended if you are greatly outmatched, and it is tricky to use against a human opponent as they’ll target you single paladins.


Tier 7

Angel: Dmg (45), HP (180), Cost (3200 + 1 cystal), Growth (1) – Flyer, Large Creature. Really good unit, as it is a flyer, so obstacles on the battlefield don’t mean as much, since this unit can fly over them, but not land on them. Very high dmg output, especially good against shooters. Really, that is all I use Angels for, to get close to shooters before they shoot.

Archangel: Dmg (50), HP (220), Cost (4200 + 2 crystal), Growth (1) – Flyer, Large Creature, Resurrect Allies. This is one upgrade I get as soon as possible, even though it is very expensive, but worth it. The Resurrect ability is very useful. As with any ability it has to be used properly, and is best used for resurrecting Paladins.

Haven MaeveHaven KlausHaven Irina


DougalArcher Commander – Archers/Marksmen gain +1 to atk and def for every 2 levels, starting at 1st.

A–1, S–1, D–2, K-1

Starting Units – 3 Stacks of 7-9 archers and an Ammo Cart

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic Attack –> Archery

Comments: Overall a very good hero, with Haven you will most likely have archers/marksmen as the backbone of your army for the majority of the game, any hero which makes them better is a benefit. I like this hero especially for the taking a Dragon Utopia early on. The ideal troop setup for this hero is a large stack of marksmen and a stack of inquisitors for ranged; paladins and squires for tanking/fodder. You can fill the rest of your spots with either archangels or imp. griffins, whatever suits your play style best. I prefer a couple of stacks of archangels for resurrecting paladins/squires. Recommended Skills – Leadership, Light Magic, Luck, and Defense.


EllaineBeloved of the People – Peasants/Conscripts gain +1 to atk and def for every 2 levels, starting at 1st. Also, peasants produce an additional 1 gold per day.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 3 stacks of 22-32 peasants

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic Leadership –> Recruitment

Comments: Great garrison hero, and that is about all she’s good for. Keep peasants at home, build her counterstrike up for what level of training you desire, and sit her at home. Very good first week hero hire. Skills don’t really matter for this hero, just build up Counterstrike, if you want to train higher than archers.


IrinaGriffin Trainer – Griffins/Imperial Griffins gain +1 to atk and def for every 2 levels, starting at 1st. Griffins gain Battle Dive.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 22-32 peasants, 7-9 archers, and 1 griffin

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic Luck –> Magic Resistance

Comments: Good Secondary hero, I would try to keep her with 7 stacks of Griffins. Very good for attacking ranged and casters. Aura of Swiftness and Divine guidance are a must for this build to survive past midgame. This hero cannot get Unstoppable Charge, which isn’t really considered a bad thing. Recommended Skills – Leadership, Attack, Defense, and Logistics.


KlausCavalry Commander – Cavaliers/Paladins gain +2% bonus dmg to Jousting ability per hero level. Hero gets +1% bonus to Retaliation Strike per level.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 22-32 peasants, 7-9 archers, 0-3 footmen (this is the most common template for Haven heroes.)

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike –> Retaliation Strike, Basic Attack

Comments: If Retaliation Strike weren’t so useless, this hero might fill a better role in the haven army. Not a bad hero, but others make use of Haven units and abilities better. I wouldn’t recommend going for Unstoppable Charge with this hero, as Leadership is much more beneficial to Paladins than an improved Retaliation Strike. Ideal army for this hero would be heavy dependence on Paladins, Squires and Archangels. Throw in some Marksmen and Inquisitors also. You can destroy large stacks of neutrals with just Paladins and Archangels. Have one large stack of Paladins and up to 6 single stacks of Archangels, Charge out with your Paladins, do heavy damage, get hit, get resurrected, repeat as necessary. Recommended Skills – Leadership, Light Magic, Luck, and Dark Magic.


LaszloInfantry Commander – Footmen/Squires gain +1 to atk and def for every 2 levels, starting at 1st.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 3 stacks of 1-3 footmen

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic Defense -> Vitality

Comments: Good early hire hero, for combining footmen with Dougal’s archers. Other than that I only tend to use this hero for delivering troops from castle to primary hero(I would have said training, but with Knights that could become confusing). If you are interested in getting the Knight’s Ultimate, this is actually a good hero to use for that. Have 3 stacks of squires for tanks, add marksmen, inquisitors and archangels. Send one stack of squires across the BF at a time, let them get hit, have RS cast on them, and if you have the Ultimate, you are doing triple dmg. Rez with your Archangels, send in the next stack, repeat, until every enemy is dead. Recommended Skills – Luck, Logistics, Light Magic, and Enlightenment(all required for Ultimate).


MaeveWindrider – Haste spell’s effect increased by 1% per level.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 22-32 peasants, 7-9 archers, 0-3 footman (this is the most common template for Haven heroes.)

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic Attack, Basic Leadership – Haste Spell

Comments: Haste is a very useful spell in Haven. Allowing these powerful troops to move more frequently is a very big bonus. It is also impossible to get Unstoppable Charge with this hero. Any troop setup will work well with this hero; you will want to focus on quick attacks. Recommended Skills – Light Magic, Luck, and Defense/Logistics.


RutgerPathfinder – Movement points are increased by 1% for every 2 levels.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 22-32 peasants, 7-9 archers, 0-3 footman (this is the most common template for Haven heroes.)

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic Logistics -> Pathfinding – Vessel of Shallasa Spell

Comments: Good as a scout, and overall decent hero. With this hero, by later levels, you can move across the map very quickly, This hero is a must if you are a rusher type of player, as you can get to your opponents before they are prepared. Effective use of this hero will not allow you to have reached the archangel upgrade by the time the game is over. Focus on building up unupgraded units and fight quickly. Recommended Skills – War Machines, Leadership, Luck, and Attack.


VittorioSiege Engineer – Ballista gain +1 atk per level. Catapults gain +2% chance to hit walls per level.

A-1, S-1, D-2, K-1

Starting Units – 22-32 peasants, 7-9 archers, 0-3 footman, ballista

Starting Abilities – Basic Counterstrike, Basic War Machines -> Ballista

Comments: Worst Haven hero currently, as sieges are not a large part of the game. Maybe with the map editor, maps with large number of towns can be added and this hero would be vastly improved. If you like to add ballistae in as an extra ranged unit, then Vittorio’s special comes in handy, especially if you build up to the Triple Ballista ability. 3 strong ballista shots can reduce just about any stack to being ineffective. Recommed Skills – Attack, Defense, Leadership, and Luck.

LeadershipLight MagicLuck


Racial Skill

Counterstrike – This ability allows the Knight to train lower tier units to higher tier ones. You can train a peasant all the way up to a Cavalier with Expert Counterstrike. The cost of this is very high, 6570 gold, without any bonuses. The cost can be lowered by purchasing a Hall of Heroes, and getting the Expert Trainer ability, which is a part of the Counterstrike skill. It also adds 5, 10, 20 and 25% retaliation bonus, respectively to the level of the skill.

So, sounds like an interesting skill, but seems weak when compared to others. One strategy to use with Counterstrike is to wait until you have expert trainer on your garrison hero, preferably Ellaine, and then purchase a Hall of Heroes. After that you should upgrade as many of your footmen as you can afford to into Priests. You can then upgrade these Priests to Inquisitors if you choose to. The cost of upgrading a footman to a Priest is 1053 gold if you have Expert trainer and the Hall of Heroes.

Expert Trainer – Already discussed, it lowers the cost of training units by 10%

Benediction – Free cast spell that raises all troops morale, initiative, attack, and defense by 1. Good mass spell, but there are better you can receive through Light Magic. Very good ability early on.

Retaliation Strike – Knight guards 1 creature for 1 turn by attacking every creature that attacks that unit. This ability is very useless in late game, but very helpful early on. You use one stack, probably footmen, as your tank, send them out, cast this and let them get hit.

Unstoppable Charge – One of the weakest Ultimates in that it isn’t very useful in endgame and you can’t get it before endgame. However, the skills required to get it are highly recommended for Knights. This triples the damage of Retaliation Strike, so if you have one unit who gets hit a lot and you don’t like to cast spells, this is the Ultimate ability for you. If you are interested in going this path you will have to take Logistics, Enlightenment, Light Magic, and Luck. You have one free spot left available, I recommend Leadership. Enlightenment will be the toughest to get, since it is only offered 2% of the time. Use Aurelian’s Skill Wheel to make sure you take the proper abilities.


American Express (Don’t Leave Home Without It)

Leadership: Highly useful, my favorite skill for Haven armies. On expert level it increases your unit’s morale by 3.

Divine Guidance raises unit’s initiative making their turns come faster, a must have.

Aura of Swiftness increases all unit’s movement speed by +1.

Diplomacy allows neutral stacks to join your army more often.

Estates provides 250 gold per day, better used on a garrison hero.

Recruitment increases Tier 1-3 creature growth, a must have for a garrison hero.

Light Magic: Also highly useful. I recommend you go for Master of Wrath, Master of Blessings and Guardian Angel. With this you can cast mass Haste, and Divine Strength, and Guardian Angel is extremely useful. I know you shouldn’t be dying a lot as Haven, but for hit and run tactics, this ability is crucial. Archangels get resurrected, then they resurrect your Paladins, and if you played the rest of the fight correctly it’s game over. Against human opponents it is really fun to let them waste most of their army destroying you, only for your Archangels to get resurrected and turn the battle back to you.

Luck: Always a recommended skill, no matter what hero type you want to play. Double damage should never be turned down. I recommend taking the 3 basic abilities.

Resourcefulness allows you to find more resources.

Soldier’s Luck allows Shield Bash to trigger more often.

Magic Resistance gives your units 15% more Magic Resistance. As the only true Might faction, Haven needs all the Magic Resistance help possible.


Visa (Accepted Everywhere, but not as crucial as AmEx)

Attack: Haven is a Might faction, so increasing their attack is very important.

Archery increases ranged dmg by 20%, even though Haven only has 2 ranged units, this ability is still highly recommended.

Battle Frenzy increases all unit’s maximum and minimum dmg by 1, this is very useful for Tiers 1-3, which you will have a lot of.

Retribution causes your troops to deal more dmg based o how high their morale is. The correct Haven army will have a Morale of +5 for the most part, so that makes this ability very useful.

Tactics is nice, it allows you to get your Paladins to enemy shooters in one turn, so it’s ok to switch this ability with 1 of the previous 3, which is up to you. I generally leave tactics out, with high enough initiative boosts, I get my paladins to shooters before they shoot anyway.

Power of Speed gives hero the Haste spell and allows him to cast it at no cost, I am pretty sure this doesn’t work with Mass Haste, but I haven’t actually tested it yet, since the path to get this ability is not highly recommended for Haven. You need Expert Defense, Expert Dark Magic, and Advanced Leadership, for a Spell that generally only costs 4 mana anyway.

Logistics: Some claim this is the most useful skill in the game, I think it is very useful, but I also hate it. You have to take this skill because if your opponent is human, he/she will have it. If you don’t have it, you’ll be set back way too far to have a real chance of victory. The skill is too necessary for my tastes.

Pathfinding is useful, if there is a lot of rough terrain(generally there is).

Familiar Ground helps take the sting out of not having tactics, and gives you an even better chance of reaching shooters in one turn, especially when combined with Aura of Swiftness.

Death March is only good if you attack a lot of towns, which you do in campaign mode.

Navigation is only useful on maps with a lot of Water (pray for the map editor).

Scouting is pretty useless, only recommended on a scout hero, which I don’t generally use. You already know a range of the units you’re fighting, knowing their exact number doesn’t make that much difference. It would be more useful if told you whether you would be squashed like a bug or not.

Enlightenment: Bonus experience and bonus stats makes your hero much stronger. This is very good when paired up with Attack and Defense. I don’t really worry about getting any of the abilities as they aren’t extremely useful for Haven.

Arcane Intuition allows your hero to learn spells cast against him if he has the ability to learn them, useless for Knights.

Intelligence increases maximum mana by 50%, only useful ability, as you will need more mana for your Mass Haste.

Scholar allows heroes to teach each other spells, decent ability because it leads to 2 other abilities that are decently useful.

Graduate gives you +2 Knowledge, which is a big boost for Haven as you probably won’t have a very high Knowledge score, and it gives you 1000 exp, which depending on when you get it, could help a lot or just be a drop in the bucket. Free exp is always nice, though.

Wizard’s Reward grants you +2 Spellpower, which makes your Mass Haste last longer. It also gives you 1000 gold, another thing that should never be turned down.


Mastercard (Some Things Money Can’t Buy, not as useful as Visa)

Dark Magic: Not as good as Light Magic, but when used in conjunction with Light Magic can be quite powerful. Slow and Weakness are very good spells, making enemies lose initiative and attack for minimum dmg.

Master of Curses gives mass effect to Weakness, and it also leads to the most useful ability in Dark Magic.

Fallen Knight is something you should always take with Dark Magic, no point otherwise in even going for Dark Magic. The -1 Morale can easily be compensated for with Leadership. The +5 Spellpower is really good, makes your Mass Slow and Mass weakness last forever. With this you can Mass Haste your troops and Mass Slow your enemies, under those conditions your Griffins could go as many as 4 times before some enemy units went once.

Master of Mind is the other recommended ability since it gives Slow a mass effect.

Master of Pain isn’t very useful, since you can only have 3 abilities and the previous 3 are much better.

Weakening Strike adds Weakness to Mark of the Damned, I don’t know how this benefits a Knight, I have never gotten this ability.

Defense: Really good Skill for Knights since you will have a lot of units getting hit throughout the early part of the game, and even midgame. By endgame you should have a strategy to where things aren’t getting hit. If however you rely on use tanks, then definitely take defense as early as possible. This skill is best paired with Attack and Leadership.

Vitality is necessary for you to take. It adds 2 hp to every creature. This is very effective if you have massed Squires/Marksmen.

Protection is also nice as it adds 15% magic resistance. Magic resistance is crucial to the success of a Haven army if fighting almost any other race.

Evasion decreases ranged damage by 20%, if taking a 3rd ability this is the one I would advise.

Stand Your Ground increases your defense by 60% when clicking defend, so if you ever use defend instead of wait then this ability is useful.

Last Stand allows the last unit of a stack to have 1 hp if a stack is completely destroyed. This is useful if the stack happens to be an archangel and has time to resurrect something. That can turn the tide of a battle.

War Machines: Only really good if Vittorio is your hero, or if you rely on War Machines(which I wouldn’t recommend). If you get this skill the first ability you should take is Ballista.

Ballista allows manual control of the ballista and provides it with an extra shot.

Triple Ballista is another ability you should definitely go for if you take War Machines, 3 shots can do a lot of damage to a stack.

Catapult is good if you fight a lot of towns, like in campaigns.

First aid tent is useless, as it generally makes the best choice for healing. Seldom do I lose a fight because my first aid tent healed the wrong stack.


Diner’s Club (Looks Nice, but basically useless)

Destructive Magic: You very rarely get these spells offered to you, so generally not worth it. If you have the right spells then go ahead and have some fun with this.

Master of Fire causes your fire spells to decreases target’s armor. This makes them weaker obviously and they take more damage from everyone.

Master of Ice causes your ice spells to freeze target in place, making them lose their turn for a set amount of time.

Master of Storms allows your lightning spells to stun target lowering their initiative.

Fiery Wrath adds fire dmg to all melee and ranged attacks.

Summon Magic: You also don’t know if you will get summoning spells offered to you, though they are useful if you do.

Master of Life makes Fist of Wrath and Raise Dead more powerful.

Master of Earthblood makes Fire Trap and Earthquake more powerful.

Master of Conjuration makes Conjure Phoenix and Summon Elementals more powerful.

Elemental Balance summons a small group of opposite aligned elementals every time enemy hero summons any elemental.While this sounds like a very good ability, it isn’t really worth it in what you’d have to trade off to get it.

Sorcery: With Haven being much more Might oriented than Magic, Sorcery gets put towards the bottom of the list of skills. This could be used in combination with Light and Dark if you weren’t trying to use mass spells.

Arcane Training reduces spell cost by 20%. I don’t know if this works with mass spells or not as I have never went for Sorcery with any Haven build.

Mana Regeneration doubles your mana regen rate.

Magic Insight allows hero to learn spells of 3rd circle without having the skill.

Arcane Excellence gives you +2 Spellpower and 100 mana one time temporarily.



Here I will talk about some things you probably have tried and hopefully some you haven’t thought of. Remember this is a beginner’s guide, so I’ll try to leave out the too in-depth strategies.

Paladin/Archangel Zerg – Basically this strat calls for you to build only enough buildings to get Paladins and Archangels and use your resources to get as many of them as possible. You can also train up your lower tier units to Cavaliers and then upgrade your Cavaliers into Paladins, provided you have enough gold. This army is very good at taking on ranged and casters. You send your Paladins out to the front lines, you cast Mass Haste. You also have 2 single stacks of Paladins in the back as well as 1 single stack of Archangels for healing/rezzing as needed. The other stacks of Paladins/Archangels(divided up however you want) do the majority of your damage.

Inquisitor Buffs – I sort of touched on this strat in the Inquisitor description section, but it isn’t exactly the same. In this strat you need 3 even stacks of Inquisitors(or as close to even as possible). One stack to cast each spell. Your other 4 stacks should be Paladins, Archangels, Squires, and Imperial Griffins. Buff the Paladins and Squires with all 3 buffs. Buff the Griffins with Haste and Divine Strength. After all the buffs, if enemies are still alive then your Inquisitors start doing Ranged attacks. Your Imp. Griffins should dive immediately if any casters or shooters are on the field, otherwise have them wait until buffed to start attacking. Your hero should cast Benediction and Mass Righteous Might. This army becomes a powerhouse capable of taking on the strongest of foes. If anything dies, just have your Archangels resurrect. The only losses you should take are Paladins and Squires.

Griffins/Imperial Griffins – When fighting casters or high initiative ranged(master hunters) Then just put out Imperial Griffins(unless Irina is your hero then you can use Griffins also). Keep them in the air as much as possible and the casters/shooters should be dead very quickly.

There are many more strategies with Haven, these are just my favorites and suit the way I play, I hope you try these out and enjoy them, and if not I hope you learned a little anyway.