Ubisoft released a first patch for Heroes of Might and Magic V. The 53 MB file can be downloaded from here. Be careful as there are multiple versions of the patch.

The update resolves a lot of small issues (you can view the readme at the Round Table). Changes include an auto-patcher, an easy difficulty setting, various changes for multiplay, an easier third scenario for Inferno and many, many more.

The first Heroes of Might and Magic V patch was released on 06/06/06. While it updates to game to version 1.1, there are several references to a version 1.01 across the Net.

If you are having trouble installing, make sure you have the correct version of the patch. To check which game version you have, click Start->Run and type "regedit". From there go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Ubisoft->Heroes of Might and Magic 5.

  1. Important Warning
  2. Download Locations
  3. Content of the Patch

Important Warning

Saves made in game v.1.0 are not fully compatible with game v.1.1. It is recommended to restart the map to continue playing a saved campaign game.

To continue playing saved multiplayer or single scenario games, you may need to restart the program at the end of the mission.

Note: If you want to update the game to version 1.4, you do not need to install this patch first. You can install patch 1.4 directly. Go here to find it.

Download Locations

Here is a list of places where you can download it:



- US 1.1 : http://files.xfire.com/1837/
- Euro 1.1 : http://files.xfire.com/1838/
- Euro Collector 1.1 : http://files.xfire.com/1839/
- It/Sp 1.1 : http://files.xfire.com/1840/

- European version : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=200
- European collector's edition : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=201
- Italian and Spanish versions : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=202
- US version : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=203
- Hungarian version : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=204
- Polish version : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=205
- Czech Republic version : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=206
- Czech and Polish Collector's editions : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=207
- Russian version : http://www.peerfactor.fr/getdownload.jsp?ID=208

- US Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6747;;/fileinfo.html
- Russian Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6732;;/fileinfo.html
- Polish Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6729;;/fileinfo.html
- Hungarian Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6718;;/fileinfo.html
- European Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6685;;/fileinfo.html
- EU CE Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6687;;/fileinfo.html
- Ital/Span Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6714;;/fileinfo.html
- Czech Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6661;;/fileinfo.html
- CZ/PL CE Update : http://files.filefront.com/Heroes+of+Might+and+Magic+V+...6664;;/fileinfo.html

- European version : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14181.shtml
- European collector's edition : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14183.shtml
- Italian and Spanish versions : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14182.shtml
- US version : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14185.shtml
- Hungarian version : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14184.shtml
- Polish version : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14186.shtml
- Czech Republic version : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14187.shtml
- Czech and Polish Collector's editions : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14188.shtml
- Russian version : http://www.gamershell.com/download_14189.shtml

Content of the Patch

Heroes of Might & Magic V
Patch version 1.1

May, 2006

Contents of Readme

1. System Requirements
2. Installation
3. Changes in patch 1.1
4. Known issues
5. Troubleshooting
6. Technical Support
7. Legal information

1. System Requirements


- OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0C
- CPU: Pentium 4 / Athlon 1.5 GHz or higher
- RAM: 512 MB or higher
- Video: 128 MB AGP GeForce4 Ti4200 / RADEON 8500 or higher video card
- CD/DVD-ROM speed: 32x
- Sound: DirectX compatible PCI 16-bit sound card


- OS: Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0C
- CPU: Pentium 4 / Athlon 2,4 GHz or higher
- RAM: 1024MB or higher
- Video: 256 MB AGP 8x GeForceFX 6600 / RADEON x800 or higher video card
- CD/DVD-ROM speed: 32x
- Dolby Surround 5.1 sound processor

2. Installation

Please may sure that you installing a right patch for you game version.

1. Before installing Heroes of Might & Magic V patch 1.1 please close all other programs.

2. Run patch installation file.

3. Follow the instructions.

Upon installation you can run game either from windows start menu ('Start' -> 'All Programs' -> 'Ubisoft' -> 'Heroes of Might and Magic V' -> 'Heroes of Might and Magic V') or use 'Heroes.exe' file from the game installation directory (By default, the game will be installed into "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Heroes of Might and Magic V").

Note: Saves made in game v.1.0 are not fully compatible with game v.1.1. It is recommended to restart the map to continue playing a saved campaign game.
To continue playing saved multiplayer or single scenario games, you may need to restart the programme at the end of the mission.

3. Changes in patch 1.1

(!) Some fixes will take effect only after map restart, if loading from an older version save.

Features added:

- Auto-patcher
- EASY mode


- MP does not start if the player states differ
- "Ubi.com error" message does not appear after a win in a rating game
- Random cities use name and description from map
- Profile screen fixes (experience, alignment)
- Haven: stables message is back, other messages fixed
- Profile screen: random race games now shown correctly
- Camera glitches in Rebellion' campaign map cutscene removed
- Item selection in lobby screen fixed
- Ghost mode 'guard' command fixed
- Ghost mode after disconnection turn transfer fixed
- Profile info for other players now accessible
- Map info for MP games is localized
- The spells added by the library are given to the hero immediately
- MP game preferences panel fixed
- "Resisted" combat text fixed
- Training games results are not reported to Ubi.com now
- Hero perk rolls fixed
- Elemental creatures not affecting by Wasp Swarm spell now
- Druid Elder's Mana Feed ability fixed
- Temptress hero specialization fixed
- Some points of Combat AI fixed
- 'The Promise' campaign map 3-th cutscene sound fixed
- ATBBar refresh fixed
- Separate stacks displayed in Combat Results
- Heroes planned paths searching at turn start/after whirlpool fixed
- Invalid level ups (double skill increases) blocked
- Representation of heroes on boats in ghost mode now is correct
- After all players disconnected from Ghost mode game ending correctly
- Combat pathfinder does not ignore the moat
- Artifact Merchant submenu can not be called by hotkey without the building
- Reconnected players can't see themselves on Ubi.com now
- Dark Raider retaliation strike fixed
- Creatures under Berserk spell effect always attack now
- Refined Mana perk fixed
- Hut of Magi still shows areas after pressing Esc key
- Castle gates are closed immediately
- Zero-count monsters on low difficulty levels fixed
- Water shaders fixed
- Startup videos playback fixed
- Grail map called from underground fixed
- Ghost mode phase message fixed
- Sound glitches fixed
- MP game name length is restricted
- Interface sounds are not 3d fixed
- Fixed prerequisites for Urgash's Call, it was impossible to take it.
- Campaign map 'The Conquest' Main Sylvan hero Gilraen weakened, his script fixed
- Maeve added as haven random hero
- double hero portraits prevented
- Now after 'The Attack' campaign map loading right 'Invasion' map instead 'The Regicide' map
- 'The Defence' campaign map scripts fixed
- Shadow Witches have new model
- 'The Cultist's' campaign map garrison fixed
- Credits fixed
- 'The March' campaign map keymaster blocked for AI
- Demon character fixed
- Zehir's flag color changed
- Map tags fixed for MP maps
- AI-geometry for Pyramid and shipwrecks fixed
- Dungeon town: Grim Enclosure and lightmaps fixed
- Random heroes on MP maps fixed
- Hero Jhora gets Magic Missile spell due to her specialization description
- Inferno and Necropolis lightmaps recalculated
- Maeve hero Tactics removed
- '954 YSD: Hot Pursuit': some map objects fixed
- 'Dragon Pass': object fixed, rebalanced
- fixed instant travel holes
- Duel presets rebalanced
- 'The Betrayal' campaign map message for garrison approach added
- 'The Expansion'campaigm map multiple fixes added (hero skills, messages, added guards)
- 'Raelag's Offer' campaign map: texture near Inferno Military Post fixed
- The game works with onboard video and some of the older video cards now
- LAN games can now be played in different segment configurations

4. Known issues

Game may crash after a continuous gameplay (near 2 hours or more) and while using several times the Alt+Tab function in this time.

Switching off 'V-Sync' option in your video driver options may cause twitched animation in Town if you rotate camera manually.

5. Troubleshooting

5.1 Outdated or incorrect video drivers may cause some issues. Before contacting support, please check you have the latest versions of video drivers and correct DirectX 9.0c version for you system. Lastest version drivers you may take at:

http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp for nVIDIA graphics cards
https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894&task=knowledge&folderID=27 for ATI Technologies graphics cards

DirectX 9.0c version may be found on the game installation disc.

5.2 Also, before launching the game, make sure what no other programs are running.

5.3 The game does not support playing through http proxy. The player needs direct (real IP) or NATed (most intranets) internet connection. In case of firewall the player needs to open the following ports:

6668 TCP (IRC servers(chat in lobby))
40000 to 42999 TCP (Various Ubi.com servers)
44000 UDP (CDKey servers)
45000 UDP (NAT server)
42500 UDP ( CDKey local port, can be configured by player through game config files, "setvar net_ubi_cdkey_port = ")

8888 UDP (The Game itself, can be configured by player through game config files, "setvar net_game_port = ")

6. Technical Support

Before contacting Ubisoft Entertainment's Technical Support Department, please browse through our FAQ listings or search our support database at our website:
Here you will find the most recently updated information since the games release.

Also please make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements, as our support representatives will be unable to assist customers whose computers do not meet these criteria.

Whenever you contact the Technical Support Department, please include the following information or have it available if you are calling:

-Complete product title (including version number)
-Exact error message reported (if applicable) and a brief description of the
problem you're encountering
-Processor speed and manufacturer
-Amount of RAM
-Operating system
-Video card that you are using and amount of RAM it has
-Maker and speed of your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
-Type of sound card you are using

Contact Us Over the Internet
This is the best way to contact us. Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it contains the most up to date Technical Support information available including patches that can be downloaded free of charge. We update the Support pages on a daily basis so please check here first for solutions to your problems

Contact Us by E-mail
For fastest response via e-mail, please visit our website at:

7. Legal Information

Copyright Information
This software product and the manual are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Ubisoft and Nival Interactive and are protected by the copyright laws that pertain to computer software. You may copy this software for back-up and casual distribution.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may not modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer or derive source code from all or any portion of the software or anything incorporated therein, permit, or encourage any third party to do so.

Heroes of Might and Magic is a registered trademark of Ubisoft. Pentium, Microsoft Windows, Athlon, GeForce, Radeon, SoundBlaster, DirectX are trademarks of their respective owners.

Limitations of Warranty
Nival Interactive and Ubisoft expressly disclaim any warranty for the game and Readme file.
The program and Readme file are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.
The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the Program and Readme file remains with the User.

Limitations of Liability
Neither Nival Interactive nor Ubisoft, or their parent, subsidiaries or affiliates shall be liable in any way for loss or damage of any kind resulting rom the use of the program.