Here is the background story behind nine heroes of the Necropolis faction. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Seduced and turned to the Necromancer ideals by Sandro himself, this ex-Bull Duchy countess immediately showed thirsts for both blood and power. Already a talented courtesan when still alive, Lucretia's vampiric embrace granted her a couple of centuries to hone her natural gifts for seducing, backstabbing, and politicking. Promoted to the rank of Undead Princess, she is a spiritual and (im)moral leader to other vampires that dream of re-creating her escapades.


Naadir despises the world of flesh, even more so than his fellow Necromancers. To him, perfection is only to be found in the naked spirit, cleansed from its material impurities. On the battlefield, his intimate knowledge of the spirit world allows him to “capture” the souls of his enemies and use them as reinforcements to his own forces.


Having lived through the wars that sundered the Necromancers from the Mages of the Silver Cities that were once their brethren, Raven has seen first-hand the devastating effects of magic upon Undead troops. She has since devoted herself to finding ways to weaken the powers of enemy spellcasters, rendering their attacks both weaker and of shorter duration.


Zoltan is one of the many Undead leaders who views mages as their true enemies. To better know them, Zoltan studied deeply in the arcane magics of the Silver Cities. As a result, he can combine his own Necromantic skills with arcane ones to a particular effect: once a spell is used by an enemy that knowledge "dies" as long as Zoltan is on the battlefield.


A devoted student of all that Necromancy can offer, Markal has risen to the highest heights that one can achieve among the Necromancers -- while still being alive. Formerly the court astrologer and favourite counselor of the Griffin Queen Fiona, Markal established a strong (but secret) base of Death cultists within the Holy Empire. The religious leaders of the Church of the Light became suspicious of his nefarious activities, however, and when Fiona passed away her advisor was exiled. Realizing that he will no longer circulate freely among the other kingdoms of Ashan once he receives the Kiss of the Spider Goddess, Markal furthers the goals of Heresh through diplomacy and, of course, skulduggery.


Deirdre was an overzealous Inquisitor for the Church of Light in the Holy Griffin Empire. She spent many years hunting Demon cultists in the Free Cities of the East on the fringe of the Empire’s territory, “cleansing” innocents and culprits alike, worried that a lapse of her vigilance would allow the corruption to spread. In the end, when she was captured and tortured to death by her enemies, her restless soul was spirited away by Necromancers who coveted her knowledge. Now converted to the Necromancer's cause, it can be argued that no being, living or unliving, knows more about screams than Deirdre.


Kaspar was a great doctor and healer who was able to cure even the most terrible wounds. Delving deeper and deeper into the secrets of life and death, Kaspar made a particularly risky experiment that went wrong... and brought him to the realm of the dead. Though he now leads an undead army, his knowledge of anatomy and the treating of wounds remains unparalleled.


Somewhat lacking in charisma and natural authority, Orson realized that he was ill-equpped to lead troops that were capable of independent thought. In order to avoid having his orders questioned or ignored, he has spent years perfecting the creation of obedient Zombie troops. "Anything above the neck is useless", claims this Undead general.


Vladimir reasons that with few exceptions, Undead troops will generally be out-thought and out-maneuvered by their living counterparts. As a result, he prefers to mass large forces instead of planning more precise attacks. His specialty, therefore, is in raising hordes of mindless Undead who can overwhelm their enemies through the sheer weight of numbers.