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Necromancer Abilities
from Dark Magic

Master of Curses

  • Grants mass effects to Curse and Disrupting Ray spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Mind

  • Grants mass effects to Slow and Forgetfulness spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Sickness

  • Grants mass effects to Plague and Weakness spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Spirit Link

  • Grants a Necromancer ability to tie his or her own spirit to the spirits of any creatures on the battlefield. If linked creatures receive any damage the Necromancer will gain some spell points, feeding upon creature's suffering.
Requirements: :Master of Curses

Soil Burn

  • The hero calls upon forces of nature to affect enemy melee-attacking creatures. Any time when enemy creature moves it will receive fire damage. Inflicted damage equals hero's level.
Requirements: : Spirit Link,Dark Revelation
from Destructive Magic

Master of Fire

  • Grants armor-damaging effect to Fireball and Armageddon spells.

Master of Ice

  • Grants freezing effect to Ice Bolt and Frost Ring spells.

Master of Lightnings

  • Grants stunning effect to Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells.

Deadly Cold

  • Makes Necromancer's spells Ice Bolt and Frost Ring more powerful. Now these spells will surely kill at least one creature, if that creature has no Immunity to Cold.
Requirements: Master of Ice

Secrets of destruction

  • Hero gains +2 Knowledge permanently and randomly acquires one damaging spell of 1st to 3rd circle that is not yet in hero's spellbook.
Requirements: : Deadly Cold,Caster Certificate
from Light Magic

Master of Abjuration

  • Grants mass effects to Deflect Arrows and Stoneskin spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Blessings

  • Grants mass effects to Dispel and Bless spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Wrath

  • Grants mass effects to Bloodlust and Haste spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.


  • Increases spell power: +3 for all spells of dark and light magic schools
Requirements: Master of Blessings
from Summoning Magic

Master of Animation

  • Makes Raise Dead and Magic First spells more powerful (effective Spell Power increases by 4 for casting those spells).

Master of Conjuration

  • Makes Conjure Phoenix and Summon Elementals spells more powerful (effective Spell Power increaes by 4 for casting those spells).

Master of Quakes

  • Makes Land Mines and Earthquake spells more powerful (effective Spell Power increases by 4 for casting those spells).

Haunt Mine

  • After capturing an enemy mine the Necromancer is able to haunt it. Some Manes will appear in mine's garrison. The number of summoned Manes depends upon the number of the week.
Requirements: Master of Animation


  • Special combat ability. Randomly unsummons part of the target summoned or gated stack.
Requirements: Death Scream, Secrets of destruction
from Sorcery

Arcane Training

  • Reduces casting costs of all spells by 20%..


  • Doubles spell ponts regeneration.


  • Allows a hero to learn magic spells of the third circle regardless of actual skills in respective schools of magic.

Spellproof Bones

  • All undead troops under Necromancer's command receive a 20% resistance to all Destructive Magic spells.
Requirements: Wisdom

Caster Certificate

  • Showing excellent progress in the field of sorcery, the hero is granted +2 Spell Power permanently and +100 temporary Spell Points.
Requirements: Spellproof Bones,No Rest for the Wicked
from Defense


  • Decreases damage dealt to your creatures by ranged attacks by 20%.


  • Decreases damage dealt to your creatures by magic attacks by 15%.


  • Increases hit points of all your creatures by 2. Especially effective for armies of great number.

Chilling Bones

  • Enhances all undead troops under Necromancer's control with powerful ice enchantments. Any enemy creature which engages in melee combat with undead troops will receive ice damage.
Requirements: Protection

Seal of Protection

  • Hero gains +2 Defense permanently.
Requirements: Chilling Bones, Raise Archers
from Leadership


  • Allows to effectively negotiate with hostile creatures. Increases chances and reduces costs of creatures that wish to join your army.


  • Hero contributes 250 gold pieces per day to your cause.


  • Increases weekly growth of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level creatures by +3, +2 and +1 respectively. Hero must be stationed within the friendly town for the last day of the week for effect to take place.

Herald Of Death

  • All neutral creatures which joined Necromancer's army will be automatically transformed into the undead creatures of respective level.
Requirements: Recruitment
from Learning

Eagle Eye

  • Allows your hero to learn any unknown spell used by an enemy hero or by any creature in combat (hero must be legally able to learn the spell).


  • Increases normal maximum spell points by 50%.


  • Allows heroes to teach each other various spells, effectively trading spells between spell books.

Lord of Undead

  • The Necromancer receives +1 to Knowledge due to his or her outstanding understanding of Death. The Necromancy skill is also increased by 5%.
Requirements: Scholar

Dark Revelation

  • Hero qualifies for additional free level up.
Requirements: Lord of Undead, Raise Archers
from Logistics


  • Increases hero's movement speed at sea by 50%.


  • Reduces penalty for moving through rough terrain by 50%.


  • Allows the hero to see much farther over terrain.

Death Tread

  • Hero's movement speed is increased (+2) in the siege of enemy castles.
Requirements: Pathfinding

Disguise And Reckon

  • The structure of your army is hiden from the enemy. Moreover you can see the diplomatic status of the mobs
Requirements: Death Tread
from Luck

Fortunate Adventurer

  • In the course of adventures the hero tends to find more gold and resources and be more lucky overall.

Lucky Strike

  • More chances to trigger for useful combat abilities of creatures in hero's army (like footmen's Shield Bash, for example)


  • Increases magic resistance of all creatures in hero's army by 15%.

Dead Luck

  • The hero has gained an ability to affect the Luck of enemy creatures. The Luck of all enemy troops is decreased by 1.
Requirements: Death Scream
from Offence


  • Increases damage dealt by hero's creatures in ranged combat by 20%.


  • Minimum and maximum damage inflicted by each creature under hero's control is increased by 1. Especially effective for armies of low level creatures.


  • Allows you to rearrange your creatures just before combat in additional area.

Chilling Steel

  • The hero enhances weapons of all troops in his or her army to strike with additional ice powers (Not only undead creatures receive these enchantments).
Requirements: Frenzy


  • Troops under hero's control deal increased amount of damage according to their moral state.
Requirements: Chilling Steel, No Rest for the Wicked
from War Machines


  • Allows manual control of the Ballista. Ballista gains one extra shot. Restores the balista after the battle if it was destroyed.


  • Allows manual control of the Catapult. Catapult gains one extra shot. Restores ammo cart after the battle if it was destroyed

First Aid

  • Allows manual control of the First Aid Tent. Restores the First Aid Tent after the battle if it was destroyed

Last Aid

  • The hero's First Aid Tent receives an ability to damage enemy creatures.
Requirements: First Aid