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Knight Abilities
from Dark Magic

Master of Curses

  • Grants mass effects to Curse and Disrupting Ray spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Mind

  • Grants mass effects to Slow and Forgetfulness spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Sickness

  • Grants mass effects to Plague and Weakness spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Weakening Strike

  • Weakening Strike improves Demonic Strike ability. Now Demonic Strike not only damages the target, but also curses it with Weakness spell.
Requirements: : Pariah,Fast and Furious


  • Dedicated to learn all the secrets of Dark Magic, the knight becomes a pariah among his or her own kind. Troops under knight's control suffer -1 penalty to morale, but all Dark Magic spells cast by the knight are now more powerful (effective Spell Power is +5 for casting those spells).
Requirements: :Master of Curses
from Destructive Magic

Master of Fire

  • Grants armor-damaging effect to Fireball and Armageddon spells.

Master of Ice

  • Grants freezing effect to Ice Bolt and Frost Ring spells.

Master of Lightnings

  • Grants stunning effect to Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells.

Ancient Smithy

  • Additional elemental fire damage is dealt to enemy units on all melee and ranged attacks.
Requirements: Master of Fire ,Expert Trainer
from Light Magic

Master of Abjuration

  • Grants mass effects to Deflect Arrows and Stoneskin spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Blessings

  • Grants mass effects to Dispel and Bless spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Master of Wrath

  • Grants mass effects to Bloodlust and Haste spells, but doubles the casting cost of these spells.

Guardian Angel

  • When all the knight's troops fall dead in combat, an Angel is summoned on a field of battle to fight alongside the hero. Angel disappears when the combat ends.
Requirements: Master of Blessings

Elite Casters

  • Casters in hero army will spend only half the required mana cost to cast spells.
Requirements: Guardian Angel, Prayer
from Summoning Magic

Master of Animation

  • Makes Raise Dead and Magic First spells more powerful (effective Spell Power increases by 4 for casting those spells).

Master of Conjuration

  • Makes Conjure Phoenix and Summon Elementals spells more powerful (effective Spell Power increaes by 4 for casting those spells).

Master of Quakes

  • Makes Land Mines and Earthquake spells more powerful (effective Spell Power increases by 4 for casting those spells).

Elemental Balance

  • Superb knowledge of summoning magic allows the knight to counterbalance the combat situation when battling against skilled summoners. Each time the enemy uses Summon Elementals spell a small group of elementals of opposite aligment is automatically summoned to fight for the knight's cause.
Requirements: Expert Trainer, Master of Conjuration
from Sorcery

Arcane Training

  • Reduces casting costs of all spells by 20%..


  • Doubles spell ponts regeneration.


  • Allows a hero to learn magic spells of the third circle regardless of actual skills in respective schools of magic.

Caster Certificate

  • Showing excellent progress in the field of sorcery, the hero is granted +2 Spell Power permanently and +100 temporary Spell Points.
Requirements: Prayer ,Arcane Training
from Defense


  • Decreases damage dealt to your creatures by ranged attacks by 20%.


  • Decreases damage dealt to your creatures by magic attacks by 15%.


  • Increases hit points of all your creatures by 2. Especially effective for armies of great number.

Last Stand

  • All troops under hero's control are blessed with amazing vitality. If enemy creature attacks hero's troops and kills them all, the last of the troops will survive an attack with 1 hit point.
Requirements: Fast and Furious, Hold Ground

Hold Ground

  • Troops under hero's control get an additional +2 defense bonus carrying out the Defend command.
Requirements: Toughness
from Leadership


  • Allows to effectively negotiate with hostile creatures. Increases chances and reduces costs of creatures that wish to join your army.


  • Hero contributes 250 gold pieces per day to your cause.


  • Increases weekly growth of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level creatures by +3, +2 and +1 respectively. Hero must be stationed within the friendly town for the last day of the week for effect to take place.


  • The knight recieves special combat ability to encourage his troops on a battlefield, making their turns to come faster.
Requirements: Retaliation Strike

Fast and Furious

  • Combat movement speed of all units in hero army is increased by +1.
Requirements: Prayer, Encourage
from Learning

Eagle Eye

  • Allows your hero to learn any unknown spell used by an enemy hero or by any creature in combat (hero must be legally able to learn the spell).


  • Increases normal maximum spell points by 50%.


  • Allows heroes to teach each other various spells, effectively trading spells between spell books.

Academy Award

  • Hero gains +2 to Spell Power permanently and extra 1000 gold as a one-time bonus.
Requirements: Student Award

Student Award

  • Being so keen at learning, the hero is granted +2 Knowledge and an additional bonus of +1000 experience.
Requirements: Scholar
from Logistics


  • Increases hero's movement speed at sea by 50%.


  • Reduces penalty for moving through rough terrain by 50%.


  • Allows the hero to see much farther over terrain.

Death Tread

  • Hero's movement speed is increased (+2) in the siege of enemy castles.
Requirements: Native Terrain, Expert Trainer

Native Terrain

  • All creatures in hero (Knight or Ranger) army recive +1 for movement speed if the battle is taking place on the grass terrain
Requirements: Pathfinding
from Luck

Fortunate Adventurer

  • In the course of adventures the hero tends to find more gold and resources and be more lucky overall.

Lucky Strike

  • More chances to trigger for useful combat abilities of creatures in hero's army (like footmen's Shield Bash, for example)


  • Increases magic resistance of all creatures in hero's army by 15%.

Grail Vision

  • The hero now 'feels' the location of the Grail by his or her very heart. Digging for Grail somewhere around its actual location is much more likely to be a success.
Requirements: Fortunate Adventurer

Spoils of War

  • From each battle won, the hero will salvage some gold and resources as spoils of war.
Requirements: Academy Award, Grail Vision
from Offence


  • Increases damage dealt by hero's creatures in ranged combat by 20%.


  • Minimum and maximum damage inflicted by each creature under hero's control is increased by 1. Especially effective for armies of low level creatures.


  • Allows you to rearrange your creatures just before combat in additional area.

Power of Haste

  • Hero acquires Haste spell and the ability to cast it with mass effect. (costs nothing)
Requirements: Weakening Strike, Retribution, Last Stand


  • Troops under hero's control deal increased amount of damage according to their moral state.
Requirements: Expert Trainer
from War Machines


  • Allows manual control of the Ballista. Ballista gains one extra shot. Restores the balista after the battle if it was destroyed.


  • Allows manual control of the Catapult. Catapult gains one extra shot. Restores ammo cart after the battle if it was destroyed

First Aid

  • Allows manual control of the First Aid Tent. Restores the First Aid Tent after the battle if it was destroyed

Triple Ballista

  • Ballista gains another extra shot (up to 3 consequtive shots total if hero is proficient with ballistas).
Requirements: Retaliation Strike, Ballista