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Combat is what Heroes do the best

Now let's look at what knights or barbarians (wizards too!) like the most - combat! In Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game, it is played on a special 5-row combat board. Each player, at any time during their turn may deploy their army within the two back rows. After the battle begins, the Hero can no longer rearrange their formation (unless they have a Tactic card).

Rush, rush, rush to build a capitol! ;-)

However, this reduction does not in any way detract from their value. Without skillful resource management, it is impossible to succeed in "Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game."
homm 1x1 blog karty jednostek castle

It is impractical to expand towns without resources - otherwise you wouldn’t be able to build these structures:

  • City Hall (do check if "rushing" a City Hall in the board game is more profitable than "rushing" a Capitol in the computer game), Citadel (without it, you cannot increase your army),
  • Mage Guild (mandatory for wizards),
  • Creature dwellings (a starting army is not enough),
  • Unique building for each faction (check them out).

The wealth of the original

The cult-classic Heroes of Might and Magic III is a computer game full of diverse factions. Do you prefer the strength and solidity of the Castle or the wizarding tricks of the Dungeon? Or maybe you like the approach of Sandro and his Necropolis the most - Where others see peasants, I see an opportunity?
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The factions, however, are only the beginning; after deciding on one of them, the player has to choose a hero. Here is another pleasant dilemma - to play the hero of Might or the hero of Magic? Which specialization should you choose? There are many other elements during the course of the game - leveling the hero, speccing your ability tree, choosing artifacts and obtaining the desired spells, and of course, maintaining high morale in the army…