The Dragoness: Command of the Flame is the new homm like game, with rogue twist, which is scheduled for 1st September. Created by polish developer Crazy Goat GamesThe game already passed all testing phases and it's fully ready. Check the "dev blog" at Steam News page.

Interesting interview with Producer Maciej Struzyna and Designer Janina Wojciechowska is available at It's also worthy to check the other one at, which brings in some additional sparks of info.

The game should be about:

  •  Heroes and Tolkien inspirations
  •  Myriad of Monsters
  •  Perfection - like shield mechanism, to prevent unnecessary losses in the battle
  •  Chess like battlefields
  •  RPG driven story
  •  Quick save and leave "aka father's mod"
  •  Cute pangolin guide
  •  "We had time to polish it, and this is the baby we wanted to make."
    (I never heard that from Ubisoft.. )

Give it a try and let us know!

You would like to win it? You can, if you visit, which run 10th Years Anniversary Contest with many prices, and this game, among them. Certainly recommended! angel

Create 3 miniatures in Hero's Forge Editor, submit them and do that till 15th Sept. The contest is only valid if 10 or more Heroes 3 miniatures are created.

Fingers crossed Liso1, this the huge amount of work and time invested into the site. CH is joining the congratulation, lets do some party, gremlins rushed to your palace! applause

The editor is relatively clumsy, when there was M&M Showndown, the drawing part was in some aspects more creative. What requires praise, even if I cannot add more hands, is grimace editor - that's funny enough. Eyes are somewhat unfinished or you need subscription to Pro. This is kickstarter project and indeed not bad.
Yes, this is Winged Naga. And it does feature a very small tail and some defensive thorns on the back, which are not visible from this angle.

naga heroforge