Hello there! Tarnum the Immortal hero has returned! Or maybe he never left for some, such as myself. Either way, there is a new reason to pick up Heroes Chronicles again, whether for the first time or the hundredth time!

Heroes Community and Acidcave member VIP has just released Project Chronicles, which is a mod for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete and Heroes Chronicles that brings all of the Chronicles chapters into one place!

There is a new user interface which allows the player to select and launch whichever chapter they wish to play, including the fan made Glory of War chapter.

Project Chronicles Launcher

Each chapter selection will first bring up a newly created introduction for the campaign before launching. These intros contain text from the box sets of the games, as well as the text from the 3DO website for World Tree and Fiery Moon.

Project Chronicles Intro World Tree

 Project Chronicles Sword

Project Chronicles Final Chapters

Anything that was on the box sets of Heroes Chronicles can be found here. From the campaign descriptions, to the NWC promotions on the back of the boxes, to the previews and tutorials. Everything is there that you could find in the original, but all in one easy to find location. It’s a Tarnum delight!

Project Chronicles Title Warlords

Project Chronicles Title Conquest

Each chapter contains the tutorial just as it is in the original. The preview selection screen has also had a major facelift. The original versions just have buttons with the name of the Heroes Chronicles chapter for each preview. Here you now have these glorious images from the chapters to choose from.

Project Chronicles Tutorial Revolt

Project Chronicles Tutorial SwordProject Chronicles Previews1Project Chronicles Previews2

Each chapter plays just like the original games, and did I mention this mod also uses the HD mod? It is packaged up with the installer so no need to go looking for it if you’re like me and haven’t messed around much with Heroes 3 mods.

Project Chronicles Campaign Selection

There are lots of goodies to be found here. If you’ve never had the box sets with the player manuals, there are some nice little tidbits that you have likely missed, such as the letters from Tarnum for the majority of the Chronicles chapters. These have all been included with a completely new presentation like this one from The Sword of Frost below.

Project Chronicles Letter Sword

If you’ve been away from Heroes Chronicles for a while like I have been, or just miss Tarnum, this is a great time to rekindle the friendship! This mod supports two languages: Polish and English, and they are selectable during installation.

So, what are the requirements to be able to use this mod? You’ll need to have purchased and installed Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete, either the GoG version or CD version, and all chapters of Heroes Chronicles (except for World Tree and Fiery Moon, as these were released for free), also either the GoG version or CD version.

As of the time of this writing, GoG.com is actually having their winter sale, and both Heroes 3 Complete and Heroes Chronicles All Chapters are 75% off. If for some reason you don’t have these already, head over to GoG and pick them up for super cheap and give Project Chronicles a try! The number of hours I personally sank into playing Heroes Chronicles, before Project Chronicles, for just $2.50 was just insane. Totally worth the price!

Here is the link to VIP’s thread on HeroesCommunity. Near the bottom of the original post there is a play-by-play to walkthrough the installer, as it might be a little confusing at the moment.